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... Short story long, GrantMe did not just improve my writing abilities and applications but also equipped me with the skills to be a successful student"


“My favourite part about GrantMe was the one on one mentorship. I was able to practice interviews that were coming up, staying on track with scholarship applications and having accountability so that I can reach my goals more efficiently.”


Leave Your Competition In The Dust

The average student spends 2-4 hours per written application. GrantMe students apply up to 4x faster using our 24/7 writing support.

Buh-bye, “competition”.

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Stand Out & Get In

Don’t spend hours starting from scratch. Learn firsthand from over 43,000 edited applications and be guided by our experts and support resources to know exactly what you need to do, and how to do it, to get in.

Apply to top schools & major awards with more conviction than ever.

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Discover Your Dreams, Then Turn Them Into Reality

Whether you want to be an astronaut, doctor, entrepreneur or TikTok Star – our Student Success System helps you decide, then helps you get there. You’ll know exactly what you need to do 1 week, 1 month, or 5 years down the road to succeed with your goals. We ensure you find the perfect college program, and get you accepted.

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    Your Future Is A Big Deal
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    Know Exactly What To Do & How To Do It

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    Application Essays That Get You In

    Our team reviews, edits & returns your applications in less than 24 hours & ensures they’re perfect. This means students can apply to up to 5x as many awards & schools compared to the average student, saving students nearly 300 hours of prep and extra work each year.

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    Guilt-Free Always Available Support

    Our Student Success Team is here to help every step of the way 7-days a week. We provide 1-1 support, online workshops, and interview prep so you can achieve all your goals while still having a life.

    We’re available when you need us. Deadlines don’t wait and neither should you.

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    Beat Your Tuition Bill

    Students in GrantMe’s programs increase their odds of succeeding by up to 5x through our structured support & tracking system.

    Apply to scholarships that you’re actually eligible for, track them, and write winning essays using data-backed winning essays from previous scholarship winners.

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    Yes, This Was Made For You

    Grade 9 - 10

    Students in Grade 9 – 10 are up to 3x more likely to get into their top school and win funding.

    These years are less busy than Grade 11-12 and are essential for preparing extracurriculars to maximize your chances of getting into your top schools & access funding.

    It’s incredibly important to have a plan & resume crafted before you enter your senior years that will resonate with admission & scholarship committees. We ensure that before you walk into the most important years of your academic career, you have a resume & plan to achieve your goals without unnecessary stress.

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    Grade 11

    Students who start in Grade 11 have a 2x higher acceptance rate than Grade 12 students & receive more funding.

    Grade 11 students work to identify their top schools, programs, and hone their university and scholarship applications.

    Grade 12 is a very stressful year for most students. It’s the year you’re competing for spots at top universities, trying to access funding opportunities and maintaining competitive grades. Don’t leave your university prep for Grade 12 – it’s too much. We work with Grade 11 students to finish their university & scholarship preparation before Grade 12 even starts.

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    Grade 12

    Grade 12 is when students are applying to university & are eligible for the most funding opportunities.

    Grade 12 students are maximizing the number of scholarships they apply to, competing for entrance awards & ensuring they have the best applications to get into top universities. It’s the last time for most students to prepare for university & is “make or break.”

    Grade 12 is the most critical year of your early academic career, and there is no room for error. We ensure you have a plan to pay for university & that you get into your top university with less stress.

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    First-year students are working on paying for university and learning what it takes to succeed as a post-secondary student.

    GrantMe helps you access guaranteed grants from the government and ensure you’re applying for the right scholarships to succeed.

    If you’re a Year 1 student with a tuition bill, GrantMe can help you find the perfect grants to pay for it. Don’t guess. Follow a plan used by thousands of students.

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    GrantMe's education consulting programs are crafted for students in Grade 9-12 to create the most seamless college & scholarship application process that’s ever existed.
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    Your Future Is A Big Deal

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