#1 Advice on How to Get Scholarships in Canada

If you’re thinking about attending college or university, scholarships are essential for those without significant financial support. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you want to know the #1 piece of advice on how to get scholarships in Canada? Know your competition and apply smarter. 

There are thousands of scholarships out there. Be strategic with your applications to maximize your success. Try to figure out which scholarships should be a top priority and which are just a bonus if you have time.

When you find a scholarship, ask yourself three questions:

1. How many students match to the scholarship?

Look at the scholarship’s eligibility criteria. Is it open to any student, like the “I Got In” Scholarship? Or, is it a scholarship like Childhood Cancer Survivor Scholarship that only a select group of students are eligible for? Your chances of winning a scholarship are highest when there are few students who meet the criteria.

2. How many students won the scholarship in the past?

Most scholarships showcase previous winners on their website. Try to find a bit about them! Do you share similar volunteer experiences? Are they pursuing similar degrees or careers as you? Answering these questions will help you know if the scholarship actually gives out money to students like you. These winners learned how to get scholarships in Canada. If your resume and experiences can match up to theirs, the higher your chances of winning.

3. How popular is the scholarship?

Does the scholarship come up as a top search result on Google? Are a lot of your friends and peers applying to it? The less popular a scholarship is, the less competition you have and the better your chances!

Asking yourself these questions will help you on how to get scholarships in Canada. Asking these questions and collecting all of this information to make the best decision can be time-consuming, especially for high achieving students. GrantMe is here to help you make it easy to answer these questions.

Our scholarship matching app helps you find the scholarships you have the best chance of winning. We know how to get scholarships in Canada and prioritize your applications for you to make the most of your time and maximize your success. 

Using the app, you can see:

  • How many students match to the scholarship
  • How many students viewed the scholarship this week
  • How many students said that they applied
  • How many GrantMe students won the scholarship in the past
  • How many students have visited the scholarship website 
  • How many students are tracking the scholarship

With this insight, you can get ahead of the competition and maximize your success.  Learn more about how GrantMe can help you and start winning scholarships today.

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