5 Ways to Find Scholarships in Canada

There are millions of dollars in scholarships available to Canadian students each year. Scholarships can help you avoid student debt and pursue your post-secondary dreams. So how do you get started? Here are the top five ways to find scholarships in Canada.

1. Research your top post-secondary choices

The top way to find scholarships in Canada is through your post-secondary institution. Universities and colleges offer thousands of dollars in scholarships to incoming and current students. Take advantage of this first! Post-secondary institutions offer two types of scholarships: automatic entrance awards and merit-based scholarships. 

Automatic entrance awards are based on your final grades. The higher your grades, the higher the scholarship! Most universities consider you for these scholarships when you apply to the institution—no additional application required!

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students with high achievements beyond grades. This could include volunteer experience, athletic achievement, involvement in arts, and more! These awards are usually competitive, so make sure you have lots of time to prepare your application. 

To find both automatic entrance awards and merit scholarships, look at your university’s website or get in touch with a university advisor!

2. Ask your high school

High schools often offer several scholarships for top students. These scholarships are great because there is a limited pool of eligible students, which makes your chances higher! Beware that these scholarships may not be well-advertised. Get in touch with a school counsellor or administrator at the start of your school year to find out what is available and get your application in!

3. Check your school district

School districts or provincial education ministries also offer graduating students scholarships. Although the competition for these may be greater than with high school scholarships, it is still a smaller pool and your achievements within your community will stand out. Try asking a school counsellor or administrator if they know of any district scholarships. Information and applications may also be posted online, like the District/Authority Scholarship for BC students!

4. Reach out to your network

Another great route to find scholarships in Canada is to reach out to your community. You might be eligible for affiliate scholarships. These are scholarships that you can apply for based on your membership, involvement, or association with a specific group or organization. Look for affiliate scholarships through:

  • Your parents’ employers
  • Your employers
  • Clubs you were involved in (i.e. sports, dance, drama)
  • Specific groups based on ethnicity, race, gender, religion
  • Veteran family members
  • Organizations you volunteered with

5. Use a search engine or database

Finally, the last strategy you can use to find scholarships in Canada is to use a scholarship search engine. However, search engines can be overwhelming. They can list thousands of scholarships, making it difficult to prioritize which ones you should apply for. The scholarships listed here also often have high competition. Many are contests that don’t consider your grades or extra-curricular involvement, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd. 

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