Best Electives at UofC

The University of Calgary offers a wide variety of courses, allowing students to pursue their interests and explore new areas of study. While some electives are required for graduation, many students take advantage of the opportunity to take classes outside their major. Here are some of the best electives at UofC, whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge in your field or try something new.

Best Electives at UofC

The University of Calgary is a large, comprehensive university with a wide range of programs and courses. Students can choose from over 200 undergraduate programs, including more than 60 majors and minors. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which classes to take. Here is an overview of some of the best electives at the U of Calgary, based on student feedback.

Popular elective choices usually come from English, History, and Fine Arts subjects. Other popular choices include Social Sciences and Earth Sciences courses.

Below is a list of classes that are some of the best electives at UofC:

  • ASTR 207 – Introduction to Astronomy 1
  • ART 235 – Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging
  • PSYC 203 – Psychology For Everyday Life
  • LWSO 201 – Introduction To Legal Studies
  • GLGY 209 – Introduction to Geology 1
  • SOCI 201 – Introduction to Sociology
  • DRAMA 203/205 – Creativity and Story
  • DNCE 341 – Early Dance History

Whichever courses you choose, you’re sure to find an enriching and enjoyable experience at the U of Calgary!

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