How to Apply to UofT | Ultimate University Guide

Are you eager to know how to apply to UofT? Well, before applying to the University of Toronto, it’s important to make sure that you are eligible first! Check out the general admission requirements for U of T in our U of T Ultimate University Guide: “How to get into U of T“.

However, if you are already eligible and wanting to move forward with the next steps of the U of T application process, then keep on reading!

What to do before you apply:

Before applying, you should double-check your Apply to U of T page; this will provide you with the exact deadlines, requirements and important details required to know for your program.

You are encouraged to research all of the programs you are interested in to find the perfect fit for your post-secondary future!

TIP: Make sure to keep campuses in mind when choosing your program; U of T has three campuses to choose from, so it is key to plan your studies according to which location suits you best!

How to apply as a Full-Time Student:

In order to apply to U of T, you will need to do so through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC).

If you are unsure which application form you should be completed, please use the “Selecting an Application” tool available on the OUAC website!

  • If you wish to study full-time in the fall, but would like to start part-time in the spring/summer, you should fill out the Full-time application and indicate “Summer” as your expected enrolment date.
    • You will automatically be considered for admission to the Fall/Winter session as well! The deadline to apply for spring/summer sessions beginning in May (intersession, summer evening/distance studies) is March 1st, and the deadline for the Summer Day session beginning in July is May 1st.

Through the OUAC website, the 105 application form is for students outside of Ontario, and the 101 form is for students living in Ontario. The OUAC application itself takes only 15 minutes to complete; however, in order to officially complete your application, you will also need to access the Join U of T website. This website is only attainable once you log in with your U of T ID (which you will receive after you complete your OUAC application).

  • After your OUAC application goes through, which usually takes a week, you will get your U of T ID and your next steps!
    • In this application, you can expect to provide personal information including your address, educational history and emergency contact.

After you apply on OUAC:

So you’ve finished your OUAC application, now what?

It’s time for these next steps:

  1. Use your U of T ID to log in to the Join U of T website; this will show you which documents you will need to submit.
    1. These documents may include a transcript or your grade report!
    2. Some students may also need to fill out a supplementary application, depending on their program, to help prove why they would be a great addition to their program! These evaluations can range from essays and interviews to in-person auditions and portfolio reviews
  2. After completing all of your steps, and submitting your documents, you can use the Join U of T website to track your application’s status, connect with other applicants, get questions answered, and accept your potential offer of admission.
  3. As time goes on with the application process, you will need to continue to send in supporting required documents and self-report your grades.
  4. It’s important to double-check all deadlines and keep track of them as you may need to submit your grades multiple times. There are special circumstances for IB students as well.

Full-Time Application Fees:

Here are the application fees that you need to pay with your application to U of T:

  • Ontario secondary school students (101 form) $150.00 (CAD)
  • Other full-time undergraduate applicants (105 form)* $156.00 (CAD)

Visit the OUAC website for further fee information!

U of T Evaluation fee: The OUAC collects supplemental fees on behalf of the universities. You pay this fee for each university, including affiliates, only once. A single non-refundable evaluation fee of $90 (CAD) is required for applications submitted using the 105 forms.

What Will Tuition Cost?:

For Canadian Students, tuition at U of T, on average, is $6,5906 CAD.

For international students, tuition costs around $45,690 CAD.

These tuition costs may vary depending on what program you choose to apply for!

How can I afford my tuition payments?

Tuition costs can really put a dent in your wallet, so it’s important to take advantage of the Financial Aid opportunities available at U of T!

You can start applying for scholarships at U of T once you receive your Student Number and get access to the Student Center.

  • There are also a number of entrance-based scholarships, awarded based upon your admission average, that require no additional applications.

It’s also wise to start applying for scholarships outside of U of T as well. There are many scholarships out there waiting to be won; GrantMe can help you with this!

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