How to get into Brock University | Ultimate University Guide

Written by Shem Albert Semblante and Arry Pandher

As one of Canada’s top post-secondary institutions, it is no wonder that Brock University is a popular choice among students.

Brock’s teaching is rich and empowering, with its impressive faculty consisting of 12 3M Teaching Fellowship Award Winners and 8 Canada Research Chairs. It boasts of its generous co-op experience (up to 10-12 months!), and its graduates enjoy a high employment rate, with 90% finding work within six months after receiving their degree! With Brock, you are sure to stay on top of your studies and future career!

How to Get into Brock University – General Admission Requirements

To get into Brock, you will need to prepare documents specific to you!

If you are an Ontario secondary school student, you will need to submit:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD);
  • Minimum six Grade 12 4U or 4M-level credits, including program-specific prerequisites;
  • A minimum admission average of 70% (many programs require a higher average);
  • You must meet English language proficiency requirements.

If you are a Canadian secondary student outside Ontario, you will need to submit:

  • Secondary school diploma;
  • Grade 12 courses at the number and level specified for your province (check the list here!);
  • A minimum average of 70% (many programs require a higher average);
  • You must meet English language proficiency requirements.

If you are completing the IB program and will graduate with the OSSD,

  • your courses and IB grades will be translated to equivalent Ontario curriculum courses and grades, which are forwarded to Brock via OUAC. For information regarding transfer credit and course equivalencies, email [email protected].

If you are completing advanced placement (AP) courses as part of your OSSD,

  • you may qualify for transfer credit with examination grades of 4, to a maximum of 2.0 Brock credits (one full year at Brock equals 5. 0 credits). An official AP transcript is required for the evaluation process. For information regarding course equivalencies, email [email protected].

Tip: The admissions process will rely on your Grade 11 and 12 grades (among other requirements and conditions of course!), so make sure to maintain a satisfactory academic standing to secure a spot!

How Admissions Averages Are Calculated

  • Prerequisites are calculated in the admission average.
  • In provinces where provincial exams are written and passed, the better of the two grades (in-class grade versus final blended in-class and examination mark) will be used to determine an admission average. If an examination is failed, the final blended mark (in-class and examination mark) will be used.
  • There is one exception to the above rule: The final blended mark will always be used as the English prerequisite requirement.

Degree-specific requirements

If you’re looking for the specific requirement of your program of choice, use the search tool found on their website!

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