How to get into Concordia | Ultimate University Guide

Written by Arry Pandher and Kim Spencer

Wondering how to get into Concordia? Concordia is a next-generation university, continually reimagining the future of higher education. Located in the vibrant and multicultural city of Montreal, Concordia registers some 51,000 students through its innovative approach to experiential learning and cross-functional research. Concordia University is welcoming, engaged, and committed to innovation and excellence in education, research, creative activity and community partnerships. It dares to be different and draws on its diversity to transform the individual, strengthen society and enrich the world.

Concordia Rankings:

  • #1 University in Canada under 50 years (old) (2021 THE Young University Rankings)
  • #2 in Canada from the top 100 in world,Art & Design (2021 QS World University rankings by subject)
  • #1 in Canada, Reduced inequalities (2021 THE Impact Rankings)
  • #4 in Canada, from the top 150 in world, Communication & Media Studies (2021 QS World University rankings by subject)

Stand Out Programs

  • The university maintained its position in four subjects, including Art and Design, Business and Management Studies, Education, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  • Home of the The John Molson School of Business, and the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Concordia General Admission Requirements

If you want to get into Concordia, you have to meet the General Admission Requirements! The minimum admission requirements depend on what type of student you are:

If you’re a Québec Cegep Student,  a two-year pre-university program or a three-year professional DEC is required. The CRC requirement for admission varies per program. Refer to the program page for your specific admissions requirements.

If you’re a Canadian Curricula Student, admissions requirements vary by provincial curriculum and your academic background.

  • Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate SL or HL courses are acceptable in lieu of grade 12 academic courses.
  • French immersion equivalents of approved courses are also acceptable. The list of approved courses is not exhaustive.

Check out this page to see a list of specific requirements from your province.

If you’re an International Student, graduation from an accredited high school will be required. Students at American curriculum schools should include a school profile with their admissions application.

  • ACT and SAT scores are not required.
  • The baccalauréat professionnel is not accepted – Students completing the baccalauréat français in Quebec, must submit the results from the compléments d’enseignement québécois.

If you’re a Mature Student, and/or you do not meet Concordia’s minimum academic admission requirements, you may be eligible to study at Concordia through Mature Entry, based on age, experience and academic potential.

  • You must be at least 21 years old by September 1 or January 1 for entry in September or January respectively.
  • Academic Background: You lack the normal academic requirements for admission (for example, you did not complete high school, did not attend CEGEP or started but did not complete a DEC) but you can demonstrate the ability to successfully undertake undergraduate courses.

Concordia Degree Specific Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements, some programs have extra program-specific requirements including letters of intent, portfolios, interviews, auditions and specific deadline dates. These additional requirements must be arranged with the departments to which you are applying and it is your responsibility to make these arrangements. Here are some requirements of a few of their popular programs.

  • Most programs in the Department of Studio Arts require a portfolio of your work.
  • Communication and Cultural Studies requires a minimum of B- High School average (the grade percentage depends on province) and you will be required to write a short essay and fill out two academic assessment forms.
  • Computer Science requirements for Québec Cegep students is 28 overall, 26 math, and for Other Canadian students: A- overall, B+ math (again, percentage for those grades depends on province) One math from Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or equivalent. ACT or SAT is not required. AP exams are not required but may qualify you for advanced standing.
  • John Molson School of business for Cegep students’ mathematics courses considered for admission are Calculus 1 and Linear Algebra only. Other Canadian applicants must be completing grade 12 in Canada with an overall average equivalent to a B and a B average in mathematics – check out their provincial table.
    • All applicants must have completed the required mathematics and English courses (or French if they attended a French-language school) and must meet the requirements to graduate in their home province or territory.

English Language Requirements:

Minimum English language proficiency required for admission to Concordia University. If you do not satisfy the English language conditions, you must write an English proficiency test regardless of your citizenship.

You may upload electronic copies of your English proficiency test results when you submit your application for admission to Concordia. If you are offered admission, you will need to arrange for the test provider to share official test results directly with the Admissions Application Centre.

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