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Written by Fernanda Munoz and Arry Pandher

If you’re wondering how to get into the University of Calgary, keep reading!

The University of Calgary, located in the province of Alberta, has four campuses within the city. It is ranked as one of the world’s top universities and is well-known for its innovation, competitive environment, and beautiful campus.


It was founded in 1966, as has developed strong energy and engineering programs, which are highly recognized all throughout Canada. This school also has produced lead thinkers in mental health, public policy, applied sciences, and environmental stewardship. The University of Calgary stands out among Canadian universities in how it actively engages students in leadership development in all areas – the arts, athletics, science, medicine, engineering, volunteerism and business.

The university of Calgary in best known for its stand-out programs in

  • Digital Engineering Minor:

This is one of 12 minors that engineering students can add to their degree to grow their skills. Topics include industry-standard coding languages, software engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

  • Embedded Certificates:

Students can enhance their degree with an added certificate that complements and strengthens their program of study at no extra cost; areas include leadership studies, entrepreneurial thinking, sustainability studies and mental health.

  • Biomedical Sciences:

This program covers scientific research in areas such as cancer biology, neuroscience, genetics and infectious diseases. Students can apply their learning in tutorials and labs and through summer research opportunities.

  • Canada’s Top Medical/Doctoral Schools 2020 – #9

University of Calgary – General Admission Requirements

To get into the University of Calgary, you should first decide on which program you want to study and review its specific requirements; however, take a look at these general requirements.


  • In order to be considered for admission, you need to present a competitive average for your faculty/program of choice, based on the required courses for that program.
  • The competitive average for each faculty/program may change throughout the year, based on the competitiveness of the applicant pool.
  • Meeting the minimum or competitive average does not guarantee admission, and space in each program is limited.
    • The University of Calgary does not publish specific admission averages because they may change throughout the admission cycle and vary annually based on the applicant pool. The estimated competitive averages are highlighted for each program within their Explore Programs webpages and students are encouraged to use these estimates when selecting programs.
      • Applicants can expect a 82-92% admission average

English Proficiency

If you’d like to get into the University of Calgary, you must demonstrate English language proficiency to be considered for admission to an undergraduate program. There are three ways to meet the UofC English language entrance requirements: High school studies, English language test scores, and the Academic Communications Certificate (ACC).

  1. High school studies

To meet the English language requirements with your high school studies, you must have completed three years of study with English as the primary language of instruction at an accredited Canadian, American, or British curricula high school (including CIS) or in a University of Calgary approved English-speaking country.

  1. English language test scores

Internationally recognized test scores

  1. Academic Communication Certificate (ACC)

The ACC is for English learners who want to enter a university program. If you apply for undergraduate admission and complete the ACC through UCalgary Continuing Education by the end of the summer term in the year of application, you could be considered for conditional admission to a degree program.

Requirements for IB Students

The University of Calgary awards up to a full year of credit (30 units) for the completed International Baccalaureate diploma. Specific advanced standing or placement for Higher Level courses are awarded provided a minimum grade of “5” or higher is achieved. The balance of credit (including credit for Higher Level courses with grades below “5”) required to bring the total to 30 units will be at the junior unassigned option level. In the case of advanced credit, a grade of “CR” will be recorded on the student’s record.

Program requirements

You can choose up to two programs when you apply. Make sure to check the admission requirements for both programs. If you receive an offer to your first choice, this is the only offer you will receive, so make sure you rank your choices with your most desired program as your first choice! Then, choose a program with a lower competitive admission average as your second choice.

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