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Written by Nicole Lorraine Prieto and Arry Pandher

Wondering “When does the University of Calgary send acceptances?” We got you!

The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s top research universities. You have a lot of program options here with 14 faculties and over 85 research institutes and centres. Because of its reputation, the university receives numerous applications every year! If you’re wondering on how to apply to UofC, check out our blog on just that!

Key Dates to Remember

First off, don’t let yourself miss an important deadline and lose your opportunity to be admitted to this prestigious university. The University of Calgary will make a decision on your application within 2-3 weeks of confirming the receipt of all the required admission documents. So, mark these dates in your calendars and prepare all the documents and requirements accordingly!

October 1 to March 1

This is the allowed application period for your admission to the University of Calgary. Ideally, you want to prepare even before the opening date for application. Remember, you need to take specific courses during your last years of high school to meet the admission and program-specific criteria for the University of Calgary. If there are required courses that you haven’t taken yet, you have until June 30 to take and complete those courses.

The first of October also marks the opening date for application for scholarship awards and residence. So if you want to receive financial support for your UofC education and secure a place to stay on the campus, you can start your application for these services early on!

March 15

This is the deadline for submitting unofficial transcripts. Remember, your admission review process will only start when you upload unofficial transcripts directly to your Student Centre account. Don’t wait until the deadline! Access and monitor your account immediately once you receive your University of Calgary UCID (University of Calgary Identification Number). You will receive this in your confirmation email after submitting your application. The university may take one to two days to notify you of the required documents and deadline after setting up your account, but once you have the chance to upload your unofficial Grade 11 transcript, do so immediately. You can upload updated transcripts each time you receive a final grade on Grade 12.

Note: Unofficial transcripts are only used for admission evaluation. You will still need to submit an official transcript to finalize your admission offer.

May 1

If you receive an offer of admission before April 1, this is the last date you can accept your offer for the Fall term! You will see your offer for admission under the My Applications section of your Student Centre account. Click on the Accept/Decline link to review your offer then accept and confirm your acceptance. To finalize your confirmation, you need to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit. Take note of the deposit deadline in your account and make sure to pay before the due date.

If you receive an offer on or after April 1, the university will give you 30 days from the date you received the offer to accept your admission.

This is also the deadline to submit an application for a guaranteed space in residence for your first two years at UCalgary.

August 1

This is the last day you can submit your final official transcripts to complete your admission process. This is sent from your school or government agency directly to the UCalgary’s Admissions Office. Coordinate with your school or government agency to make sure your official transcript will be received before the deadline.

You Got in, What’s Next?

Okay, so now that your burning question of “When does the University of Calgary send acceptances?” has been answered, you’re ready for the next step! After finalizing your acceptance for your offer for admission, you’re one step closer to becoming an official University of Calgary student! Congratulations! All you have to do now is to register for your fall and winter classes and you’re off to your university life.

Note that the course schedule is available in March. While you’re waiting, you can familiarize yourself with tools and resources that you can use in your registration!

  • University Calendar Before the course schedule for the fall and winter are available in the calendar, you can browse for all the courses UCalgary has to offer. The courses come with a course description, so you could learn more about the courses.
  • Schedule Builder Once the course schedule is available, you can use this tool to, well, build your potential schedule for your fall and winter terms. This is also the university’s recommended tool to use for your registration. You can access this tool from your Student Centre account.
  • First Year Degree Guide (FYDG) This is an online resource that allows you to view suggested courses you should register for in your first year of studies. The FYDG is very easy to access and explore. You just simply click on your program and it will show your required courses for the first year along with other helpful registration details.

The enrolment for the University of Calgary starts in May. You will be assigned an enrolment appointment date, the exact date and time you can begin registering for courses in the fall and winter terms. You will see this in your Student Centre account. Remember, you need to register for both your fall and winter terms.

You are encouraged to register as early as your enrolment appointment allows, but you can register for courses up until the last day you’re allowed to add courses for the term.

Once you’ve registered for your courses, the update on your fees will be available in August. There are different methods to pay your fees, but the university recommends paying through online banking.

After completing all these steps, you are now officially a UCalgary student! Good luck with your new adventure.

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