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So, when does UofT send acceptances?
After applying to U of T, the next step is to wait for your acceptance offer to come in! But you might be wondering, “how does that process work?” or, “when will I know that I’ve been accepted?” Well, keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly what to expect during the U of T acceptance process!

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When does UofT send acceptances?

The time when you get your acceptance depends on:

  • the degree/program you applied to
  • the quality of your application
  • and when your grades become available

There are three major release dates for U of T admission offers; each will depend on the type of student you are, and how early you sent in your application.

  • February – This is when the first major release of admission offers are made to OUAC 101 and 105 applicants currently in high school.
    • Keep in mind that only a small percentage of students will receive their offer during this phase. This early acceptance is usually given out to students with exemplary grades, impressive applications, or to students who sent in their OUAC application early.
  • March – The second major release of admission offers are made to OUAC 101 and 105 applicants currently in high school.
    • The majority of students will receive their offer (or an alternate offer) during this phase, so don’t feel left out if your application comes out a little later!
  • May – The final major release of admission offers are made to OUAC 101 and 105 applicants currently in high school.
    • After this round, U of T will continue to make offers to qualified students on a rolling basis.

What to do as you wait:

Be sure to check your application status in the Join U of T website as it will verify whether your application is completed. It is your responsibility to verify your status!

  1. Apply to Scholarships

Start looking into scholarships right away, as many have early deadlines. Check to see which scholarships you may be eligible for.

  1. Submit your Documents and Stay in Touch
  • Log in to Join U of T

Approximately one week after submitting your application online, you will receive an email with instructions on accessing join.utoronto.ca. Check this site regularly for updates on the status of your application, any additional information you may need to provide, and notification of offers.  If you have trouble accessing your account after you enable it, please note that most login problems can be solved by resetting your password.

  • Submit required documentation

You must submit full documentation for all studies. Find out detailed information about the required documents and document deadlines.

Be sure to check your status at Join U of T regularly, and follow instructions on submitting supporting documentation, if applicable.

  • Keep working hard while awaiting an answer

Conditional offers of admission to Ontario secondary school students are typically made between late February and late May. For other applicants, decisions are made on an on-going basis. If you are currently studying, you’ll need to keep your grades up, as offers based on interim grades are conditional. Once we receive your final official results that meet the condition(s) on your offer, you will be notified that the condition has been met.

  • Want to live in Residence? Fill out the StarRez Application

If you’re thinking of living on campus, you must complete the University’s common residence application, StarRez. Residence is guaranteed for all new full-time students entering their first year of university in an undergraduate program for the first time – as long as you’ve completed the StarRez application by March 31st and received and accepted an offer of admission by June 1st.

  • Consider your financial options

Get a handle on your finances by considering the costs, such as tuition fees, textbooks and living expenses, and exploring some of the many sources of funding that may be available to you. Be sure to look into government and University of Toronto programs, scholarships, and grants.

What to do after you’ve been accepted:

Received an offer of admission? Congratulations!

  • Make sure to accept the offer, and start looking ahead to your university life:

Be sure to login to Join U of T to accept your offer of admission.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to begin planning for your university experience, including course selection and registration, and considering housing arrangements, transportation and dining options. You can also sign up for an orientation event, and take note of some important dates for newly admitted students.

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