Carleton University: Overview

Carleton University is a comprehensive university located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1942 as Carleton College, a private, non-denominational evening school for veterans returning from World War II, Carleton was chartered as a university by the Ontario government in 1952 through The Carleton University Act. The legislation was amended in 1957 to give the institution its current name. Carleton has been consistently ranked by Maclean’s as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities and offers a wide variety of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Carleton is also home to several research centres and institutes, including the Carleton Laboratory for Environmental Sciences and Technology, the Centre for Civil-Military Relations, and the Bruce P. Crumley Jr. Entrepreneurship Centre. Carleton has a student population of over 28,000 full-time and part-time students, making it the largest university in Ottawa and one of the largest in Canada. Carleton offers students a wide range of services and facilities, including on-campus housing, health services, and a recreation complex with two gyms, an indoor track, an Olympic-sized pool, and squash and tennis courts. Carleton is also home to a number of student clubs

Where is Carleton University?

Carleton University is located in Ottawa, Canada. Founded in 1942, Carleton is a dynamic, research-intensive university with a proven commitment to teaching and learning. Carleton offers more than 170 undergraduate and graduate programs across a wide range of disciplines. Carleton’s location in Canada’s capital city gives our students unique opportunities to learn and work in a vibrant, multilingual and multicultural environment. Carleton is also home to a number of world-class facilities, including the state-of-the-art Azrieli Pavilion. Carleton has an international reputation for excellence in research and teaching, and our faculty are known for their dedication to student success. Our beautiful campus is located just minutes from downtown Ottawa, making it easy for students to take advantage of all the city has to offer.

How Can I Make My Carleton University Application Stand Out?

Carleton University is a dynamic, innovative institution located in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. Carleton is renowned for its exceptional student experience, which is shaped by our diverse community and our commitment to authenticity, excellence and creativity. 

When reviewing applications, the Carleton Admissions team looks for evidence of these qualities. We want to get to know you as a whole person, beyond your academic achievements. We encourage you to be authentic in your responses and to share what makes you unique and exciting. Your diverse perspectives and experiences are an essential part of what makes Carleton such a special place. 

There is no one formula for a successful application. However, here are a few suggestions that may help your application stand out: 

  • Take the time to write thoughtful, detailed responses to the questions on the application form. 
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of Carleton by mentioning specific programs, initiatives or opportunities that interest you. 
  • Highlight any leadership roles or significant accomplishments that have helped shape who you are today. 
  • Share your passion for learning, and describe how you would contribute to the Carleton community. 

Carleton’s Acceptance Rate

Carleton University is located in Ottawa, Ontario, and has an acceptance rate of approximately 21%. Carleton is a comprehensive university, meaning that it offers a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Carleton also has a strong research focus, and is home to a number of world-renowned research facilities. Carleton’s main campus is located just north of downtown Ottawa, and the university also has a satellite campus in Toronto.

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