Dalhousie Computer Science: Overview

Written by Nicole Prieto and Matthew Tran

So, you want to pursue a career in Computer Science? As information technology has been one of Canada’s top five hottest jobs, you definitely chose an outstanding career path! If you value options that allow you to meet your academic and personal interests while pursuing your future career goals, you can check out Dalhousie Computer Science! The undergraduate program promotes excellence through a flexible and multidisciplinary education. Read on to learn what Dalhousie Computer Science has to offer!

Why Choose Dalhousie Computer Science?

What’s fantastic about the faculty is that it provides you with different opportunities to enhance your learning possibilities and options to personalize your education. Feel free to follow their suggested course schedule or tread your own learning pathway—take charge of your university experience!

Enhance Your Research Capabilities

As one of Atlantic Canada’s leading academic research institutions in Information Technology, Dalhousie Computer Science has developed research strengths across five major areas: Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Visualization & Graphics, Systems, Algorithms & Bioinformatics, and Computer Science Education.

Dalhousie Computer Science is home to three high-profile initiatives: the Institute for Big Data Analytics, dedicated to facilitating research and application of big data analytics; DeepSense, which innovates to grow ocean economy through artificial intelligence and machine learning; and ShiftKey Labs, a sandbox collective which brings together multidisciplinary teams to develop innovative solutions.

Gain Practical Work Experiences

Level up your university experience by taking advantage of Dalhousie Computer Science’s co-op program! More than applying your computer science expertise in real-life scenarios, the co-op program would allow you to try out different work environments until you find one fitted for you before you graduate! Start building your network and practical work experience in your chosen career to gain an advantage in the job market while completing your degree. Plus, the earning cash on the side wouldn’t hurt.

Earn Additional Certificates with Your Degree

Grabbing every advantage you could in our competitive job market is the key to success once you graduate! Aside from your degree, Dalhousie Computer Science offers certificates to increase your proficiency or specialization in the digital market. Here is a list of the certificates provided by the faculty:

  • Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
  • Certificate in Communication Technologies and Cyber Security
  • Certificate in Data Science
  • Certificate in Graphics, Gaming, and Media
  • Certificate in User Experience Design and Evaluation
  • Certificate in Web & Mobile Development

Broaden Your Horizons, Literally

Curious about other countries’ computer science perspectives, approaches and applications, why not travel across the sea to see it yourself? Dalhousie Computer Science offers study abroad programs from Europe to Asia! Aside from broadening your computer science perspective, you can also have the chance to soak in other cultures, understand the global market and build your independence. Go ahead and choose from Dalhousie Computer Science’s approved exchange program in the UK, Germany, France, Korea or Hong Kong.

Do these opportunities get you excited to take Computer Science at Dalhousie University? Read on to learn about their program offerings!

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Dalhousie Computer Science Undergraduate Program

Dalhousie Computer Science offers two undergraduate degree programs that will give you the technical know-how to navigate and succeed in our ever-changing world!

Applied Computer Science

Do you want to build your business skills while immersing yourself in the world of computer science? The Applied Computer Science Program blends theoretical expertise with the practical business foundation to equip you with essential skills to succeed in the workplace. If you want to lead digital projects or use technology to solve real-world problems, this degree is for you!

To pursue the Applied Computer Science Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of secondary school (Grade 12)
  • An overall average of 70% or more
  • A minimum final grade of 65% on Academic Math and English
  • A minimum final grade of 60% on three additional acceptable university-prep courses

Specific courses may vary per provincial curriculum, so make sure to check your specific course equivalencies!

Computer Science

This program is for all the students who want to dive deep into the foundation, theories and practice of various aspects of computer science. The program will hone you to become a strong programmer who holds the expertise to create innovative technologies that would pave the path of the future of computer science and how to utilize it!

Interested in this program? Here are the program’s admission requirements:

  • Completion of secondary school (Grade 12)
  • An overall average of 70% or more
  • A minimum final grade of 75% on Pre-calculus Math
  • A minimum final grade of 65% on English
  • A minimum final grade of 60% on three additional acceptable university-prep courses

Don’t forget to check out the specific course equivalencies for your provincial curriculum!

Academic advising & support - Faculty of Computer Science - Dalhousie  University

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