Exchange at UofA

The University of Alberta’s (UofA) exchange program offers students the opportunity to study abroad at one of the many partner universities around the globe. Students can choose to study for a semester or an entire academic year, and there are opportunities to study in over 40 different countries. Exchange programs are a great way to get an education that is truly global in scope! Read more to learn about exchange at UofA.

Exchange at UofA

The exchange program at UofA is a great way for students to learn about new cultures and gain an understanding of the world beyond their own community. Since students remain enrolled at U of A while on exchange, they continue to receive tuition and financial aid from the university. This is a great opportunity to explore another country and culture, while still getting credit for your degree. The exchange program is open to students from all faculties, and there are a variety of partner universities to choose from.

How to Apply to UofA Exchange and Summer Programs

So how do you apply to the UofA exchange program? Follow these steps below:

  1. Find a Program
  • Explore the 200 different programs on the Program Finder
  • Choose the top three institutions which you want to attend. They’ll do their best to place you in your first choice, but some programs are more competitive than others, so you’ll have to have backup options.

2. Create an online account and apply

  • Create your account on Horizons and finish the application process. All applications to education abroad programs will be completed in Horizons.

3. Get nominated by Education Abroad

  • After your application is submitted, nominations will be processed after the application deadline. Once you are nominated, you will receive an email on your post-nomination steps and what is required of you to complete your University of Alberta application (including paying a $250 nomination fee).
  • For all exchanges and summer programs (excluding e3) you must also complete an application to the host institution you have been nominated for.

Exchange programs are a great way to learn more about yourself and the world around you, so if you’re considering it, be sure to look into the University of Alberta’s exchange program webpage for more information!

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