Exchange at Western

Western University offers a variety of exchange programs that provide students with the opportunity to study abroad. These programs offer academic, linguistic, and cultural experiences that can be beneficial for both personal and professional development. Students who participate in an exchange program may have the opportunity to improve their language skills, learn about new cultures, and gain a better understanding of international relations. Want to know more about exchange at Western? Keep reading!

Exchange at Western

Exchange programs help students develop important skills such as adaptability and resourcefulness. Participating in an exchange program at Western can be a valuable experience for any student– it can give you the opportunity to study at more than 100 different institutions in over 35 countries around the world!

Program Details

  • You pay regular tuition to Western, not international fees!
  • Bursaries and scholarships are still available
  • You can remain eligible for OSAP while on exchange
  • You will receive guidance from the International Learning staff
  • Partner universities will assist with accommodations, settling in, and answer any questions during your stay
  • Your courses are transferred back to your Western degree through the Course Approval process with the assistance of academic departments, Academic Counsellors and Advisors

Who Can Apply?

  • Exchange programs are generally available to all undergraduate students at Western’s main campus and Affiliates. Some exchange programs are also open to graduate and part-time students
  • Undergraduate students usually apply for exchange in their second year and take part in their third year. Some students may also go on exchange in their fourth year
  • Short-term summer exchange programs are available to students starting in their first year. Students are required to have completed a minimum of 1 term prior to applying for exchange.
  • Students are selected based on academic achievement and their suitability as an ambassador for Western
  • Normally, successful applicants have an overall average of 70% or above and are in good academic standing
  •  You can check your specific program eligibility online in Atlas

For more details on how to apply for exchange at Western, check out their website!

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