GrantMe Frequently Asked Questions

What problem is GrantMe solving?

There are $10 million in unclaimed scholarships each year. Meanwhile, the average student graduates with $26,000 in student debt.

When we asked students, “Why is this happening?”, we discovered that the scholarship process was so confusing, daunting, and unclear that they never even began.

The information for scholarships was so messy and confusing that students had to dedicate half of their waking hours to scholarship research. For busy students, we realized that this wasn’t practical. So we created a platform to support students in the process of winning scholarships. Students can focus on being a student and we take on the scholarship research.

Our goal is to help students win 10x more scholarships with our platform than they would win on their own.

How are we solving this problem?

After working with thousands of students, we’ve found a formula for student success. It looks like this:

  1. Use our scholarship matching app to find your best fit scholarships
  2. Organize your time around the application deadlines
  3. Front-load your work—create standout application templates that you can recycle and reuse over and over again.
  4. Apply to 25-35 scholarships per year using your application templates

We researched every scholarship opportunity in Canada, organized it based on student criteria, and placed it in our Scholarship Matching App. We spent thousands of hours on this so that you don’t have to. We update it regularly with new scholarship opportunities that come up.

We’ve helped students win over $4,000,000 in scholarships by coaching them to create standout scholarship applications. We know exactly what scholarship committees are looking for and how students can position themselves as the best candidate. 

And finally, we help you stay organized. You will get reminder emails and notifications on when you should edit your essays, hand them in, and apply to scholarships.

The formula is straightforward and easy to follow. And if you get off track, we’re here to support you with weekly live video office hours, workshops, and around-the-clock email support.

What is the consultation?

While we would love to work with all students, we cannot work with students who:

  • Do not have the motivation to win scholarships
  • Are not willing to put in the work
  • Are not committed to making themselves a great scholarship candidate

However, we have great results with students who:

  • Are motivated to win scholarships
  • Are willing to put in the work to apply (about 25-70 hours per year)
  • Are committed to making themselves great scholarship candidates by contributing to their community, taking on leadership positions, and overall being a good person

And those are the students who we award a spot to.

The consultation will give you an idea of what is realistic for you to win with your resume, academics, and experience. If you are a good fit for GrantMe, and you’re the type of student who we can get great results with, then we may offer you the opportunity to start with GrantMe and see if you qualify for our Student Success Scholarship Guarantee.

We cover valuable information, and we have a high volume of students wanting to join the program. So, we request that you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) are also available to attend the call. All of the decision-makers for a students’ education are required for us to conduct a full interview. If all of the decision-makers cannot attend the call, we may ask you to reschedule.

What is the tuition to join?

The tuition to join is discussed on the call with your educator if you are offered a spot. They will be able to answer your questions and work out the best solution for you and your family.

Is GrantMe a scholarship?

No. GrantMe is not a scholarship. We are a platform that supports students in maximizing how many scholarships they can win, and we provide tailored scholarship matches for you to apply for.

Why do I need GrantMe if I can just win scholarships on my own?

You don’t!

If you can win scholarships on your own, then you don’t need our support. That is awesome and great for you.

Students who want access to GrantMe’s support do it because:

  • You want a clear roadmap to a specific scholarship goal
  • You know that you can win more than 99% of students and be the top 1%—but you don’t know how
  • You want to maximize how many scholarships you win
  • You want to save time researching and applying to scholarships so that you can focus on your academics and activities
  • You want to dramatically change your financial future
  • You recognize that scholarships can be the highest dollar per hour job that a student can do if you do it right
  • You want to convert some of your RESP or education savings into scholarship dollars by investing in yourself and maximizing your scholarship winnings

What is included with the platform?

  • 5 years of unlimited scholarship matching & platform access
  • 1 year of mentorship, support, and office hours
  • 1 year of unlimited essay template access
  • 10 edits per month of essay editing
  • Monthly group mentorship calls with our Student Mentors who have all together, won over $500,000 in scholarships. You can learn about our mentors here!
  • For a 90-second platform overview click here!


Is there a guarantee?

GrantMe Academy students are chosen based on proven success criteria. We only award spots to students who will get results. So GrantMe Academy students get a Guarantee to their participation.

This is where the Academy is distinct from other platforms. If you are offered a spot in The Academy, you will be offered a scholarship guarantee.

Students who are eligible apply to at least 25 GrantMe recommended and edited applications in a 12 month period to qualify for our Student Success System guarantee.


How does Mentorship work?

Our mentors host regular live webinars and respond to student questions on everything from time management, to how to excel at university, to how to get your teachers to be great references. 

It’s an opportunity for students to step out of the classroom and learn from university students that have been through the same process as them. Read more about our mentors here. 


What sort of results do you get?

We’ve found that students who apply to 25-35 scholarships that we recommend per year win, on average, $9200. The time it takes to complete averages between 40-60 hours. The payoff period for this is approximately 6-9 months, depending on when you join. Sometimes it is shorter. And often students win much more money. Our top students every year win upwards of $100,000.

When students apply the formula every single year, they get faster, and they get great results. This is a formula that students can apply each year of their post-secondary education.

What to do next?

Make sure that you have downloaded Zoom for your consultation and you are ready to go! Make sure that you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) are available, present, and waiting. Be prepared to go over some of your accomplishments and activities. Be ready to discuss what makes you a great scholarship candidate. Your educator will wait for you on Zoom on the minute. Chat soon!

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