Leyton Vergeire - GrantMe Scholar
Leyton Vergeire

Won $139,400


The University of Alberta

If you have watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, the familiar name of Uncle Iroh should fill your heart with joy and wisdom. Like everybody’s favorite television uncle, I believe my purpose in my life is to share my life experiences and lessons with those who are on the path of learning; and in this case, the path to scholarship winning! I may not fire bend, but I do love to fire up the stove and cook up a mean bowl of chow mein. If you catch me on a call, expect me to endlessly babble on the many topics and advice that we have lined up for each mentorship call. Like Iroh, family means the world to me – and this is who we are at GrantMe. In high school, I knew I wanted to be a healthcare worker; but this desire was too vague for me to identify my exact passion. Although some people think that being too emotionally invested is a fatal flaw, I find strength and purpose in it. While I adore the technical side of healthcare, I also knew I wanted to be more invested with my future patients and their families. I discovered a sub-discipline of oncology called radiation therapy that blends both aspects of healthcare, and I knew this was the perfect fit for me. My future career as a radiation therapist will allow me to develop meaningful connections with people – a desire that my idol, Uncle Iroh, has shaped in me since I was little. I’ll be attending the University of Alberta, Honors Physiology,for  Pre-Radiation Therapy.