GrantMe Referral Program: How to Find Friends to Refer

If you’re a GrantMe student, chances are, you’re looking to make some extra cash using our GrantMe Referral Program! The GrantMe Referral Program allows students to refer an unlimited amount of their friends to GrantMe’s Academy platform and receive $100 Amazon gift card for each one!

Here are some ways you can find friends to refer to the GrantMe Referral Program:

Club Members

If you’re part of a club, your fellow club members probably have similar interests to yours. A lot of existing GrantMe students hold leadership or membership roles at a club or organization, so a GrantMe Referral can be a perfect opportunity for your fellow member to gain support in securing their future (or you getting $100 richer!). To reach a broader audience, make an announcement during a meeting rather than reaching out to individual members. This way, interested members can come to you, and you can instantly send your unique link to their email or text!


With social media’s far reach, Instagram serves as a great recruitment source for potential GrantMe students! If you’re not a fan of reaching out to potential referrals, the most passive way to earn your $100 is to put it in your Instagram bio with a blurb that says “Secure your future” or “Check out GrantMe”! This way, individuals who are interested will click on your link, and book a call or take our quiz without you doing the heavy work! However, if you would like to reach out, you can copy and paste this DM and send it out to potential referrals:

“Hey! Are you looking to secure your future and graduate debt-free? As a GrantMe student, GrantMe has helped me do just that. If you’re interested to do the same, use my link and we’ll both get $100!”


This may be on option that you haven’t thought of, but if you use your parents as a way to broaden your referral search, you’re much more likely to get them! Get your parents to talk to other parents. Whether those are fellow coworkers, friends, or relatives, potential parent referrals will always trust other parents for advice on their child’s future!

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