GrantMe Reviews: How Colin Won a $160,000 internship with Shopify

In this GrantMe Review, we talk to Colin, a GrantMe student, who won $160,000 with the Dev Degree Scholarship. With GrantMe’s support, Colin scored a 4-year, salaried internship with Shopify, a global E-commerce company. In the Fall, Colin will study Computer Science at Carleton University.

To learn more about Colin’s scholarship journey with GrantMe, check out our GrantMe Review interview with him below!

So, tell us about yourself!

“My name is Colin. I’m currently living in Ontario. I’m a grade 12 student this year and have been spending the last couple months applying for scholarships, applying to universities – actually applying to 8 different ones – so, that was a lot of work! But now, I am heading off to Ottawa next year to study computer science at Carlton.”

How much did you win with GrantMe?

“My guidance team told me that there are millions of dollars of unclaimed scholarships every year but I didn’t actually know where to find these scholarships. With GrantMe, I won an estimated total of $160,000. I’ll be working at a four-year internship at Shopify at their office in Ottawa. I’ll get trained on what it’s like to be a Software Developer in the real world, as well as during my studies at Carleton for Computer Science. 

What is one thing you struggled with when applying to scholarships?

“My number one struggle would probably be the writing part. What I like about scholarships with GrantMe is the fact that I’m able to just submit my writing, and I don’t have to edit it myself. I can have someone else do that for me. I also find that the questions that a lot of scholarships ask are very vague. Actually thinking about what you want to write about and then actually putting pen to paper is a whole different thing, especially if writing is not your favourite thing – because that’s what a lot of scholarships are based off of! 

Essay Wizard on Education Platform GrantMe

How did GrantMe help with your writing?

“I found that one of the main feedbacks I got was to think of a more compelling hook, because if you don’t catch your reader in your first sentence or two, they’re not going to be interested for the rest of your paragraph. So, you want to make your essay compelling. You also want to tell them kind of what they want to hear. But, you also want to make sure that they can see a person behind the person writing. You should know how to convey yourself as a person, not just as a writer.”

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Would you recommend GrantMe?

“Up until November, when I joined GrantMe, I had no idea where I needed to go. I didn’t know where to find scholarships. My guidance team told me that there were millions of dollars of unclaimed scholarships every year, but I didn’t know where to find these scholarships. I was kind of getting nervous. I realized university’s coming soon, I don’t think I’ve got that much time to start applying for scholarships. And then, I found GrantMe. You showed me all these different scholarships, ones I would never have been able to find by myself.”

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