GrantMe Reviews: How Valeria Won $33,000 in Scholarships

In this GrantMe review, Valeria talks about her favourite GrantMe tool, tips for time management, and how she overcome the challenge of applying to scholarships.

With GrantMe’s help, Valeria won a total of $33,000 in scholarships through entrance awards for Ryerson University, Brock University, and Windsor University. With her winnings, Valeria hopes to study psychology in one of the universities that she has been admitted to!

Time Management

To manage time in applying to a minimum of 25 scholarships, Valeria has two pieces of advice:

  1. Make a List: By making a list, Valeria prioritizes her most important tasks, and leaves her least important tasks for another time. Making lists can be helpful as a visual aid for your responsibilities. Once your tasks are externalized, it is much easier to get started!
  2. Take a break: Applying to scholarships isn’t always about the grind. Taking breaks is one of the most effective ways to get more done! There are different methods to take strategic breaks, such as the Pomodoro Method. We talk about this method in the video below – check it out!

GrantMe Tool Review

Valeria’s GrantMe review also includes her favourite GrantMe tool! Like so many of our other students, Valeria’s favourite GrantMe tool lis the Essay Wizard.

Valeria most enjoyed the Essay Wizard offered, especially the templates. As a student that finds it hard to start essays, the initial push that the Essay Wizard offered in addition to its in-line recommendations, made Essay Wizard the PERFECT tool for Valeria to win $33,000 in scholarships!

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