GrantMe Reviews: How Matthew won the $8000 Queen’s Commitment Bursary Scholarship

Matthew, an incoming Queen’s University first-year discusses his scholarship wins, internship with GrantMe, and what he plans to study at Queen’s in Fall 2022!

“Tell us a little about your winnings!” 

I’ve applied to over 90 scholarships and won about $25,000! The biggest scholarship I won was the Queen’s Commitment Bursary which was worth around $8000, and that did come into play when I was deciding which school I wanted to go to. 

“What was your biggest struggle?”

My biggest challenge was probably finding my voice in terms of writing. At the beginning, I didn’t know what exactly to write on which right on which GrantMe really supported me with – finding my voice. I realized that I can basically write about anything. Another struggle I had was being unmotivated because a lot of these scholarship committees will take over 6 months to let you know if you won or not. So I kept applying and I didn’t hear anything until about 60 scholarships. But, this past month or so I’ve had a rush of scholarships, nearly every week! So, just playing the long game is something I learned from GrantMe. 

“If you could recommend one tool to a new GrantMe student, what would it be?”

I think it depends on who you are. In general, I would say is definitely the Essay Editing team. They’re a great team. They’re there to help and support you. They’re always leaving helpful comments on your essays, and if you’re ever unsure about something, definitely let them know! A lot of people are still trying to find their voice in writing, so that’s a great tool that GrantMe offers!

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