GrantMe Reviews: How Teresa won $42,000 with the University of Guelph President’s Scholarship

Teresa, an incoming University of Guelph first-year discusses her struggles, her University of Guelph President’s Scholarship win, and what she plans to study at the University of Guelph in Fall 2022!

The University of Guelph President’s Scholarship

Let’s talk a little about your University of Guelph Scholarship, are you planning to go there?

Yes I am! The most significant scholarship I won was University of Guelph’s President’s Scholarship valued at $42,000. I know getting the scholarship at University of Guelph was a major pull because within the scholarship, there were great opportunities like a research assistantship program in the summer. So it wasn’t just having no debts, but also having those opportunities at the school available for me, so I’m looking to go to University of Guelph for a Bachelor in Biomedical Science. 

Teresa’s best tip from GrantMe

Tell us a little about the scholarships you’ve won!”

I guess the best tip that I received from GrantMe is just to apply to everything. It sounds more difficult than it actually is. I actually applied to a lot of scholarships both big and small and I guess that’s why I won the FLICK x GrantMe  scholarship, the Young Women in Public Affairs Award, the Power to Change Next Steps Leaders Scholarship, The University of Guelph President’s Scholarship, and several other entrance scholarships and bursaries. I was also just recently titled one of the two Lincoln Alexander Scholars from that pool of scholars. The total amount that I won was around $69,190!

Journey to the University of Guelph President’s Scholarship

What was your biggest struggle in the scholarship journey?

That’s a really great question. I think one of my biggest struggles was just being distracted by other people’s successes. You can so easily compare yourself to other students, whether they’re in your grade, or in your country. It’s just so easy to see them winning scholarships and awards earlier in the year – especially during October and December when you’ve just started applying or haven’t heard back from anyone yet. It’s very discouraging and almost made me want to give up. So I think that was one of my biggest struggles – comparison.  

How did you overcome this challenge?

I remember one of the most important lessons from one of GrantMe’s first workshops warned me about this. They said there’ll be a point in your journey when everything just seems very difficult, and it seems like you’re gaining nothing. At that point, you want to focus on the goal, and all you want to do is look at where the result is, and you see nothing. It’s like tunnel vision. Knowing about this diagnosis helped me be aware of the trap that I was getting into and prevented me from giving up!

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