GrantMe Reviews – How Jillian Won $22,000 in Scholarships

In this edition of GrantMe Reviews, we go over how GrantMe helped Jillian on the first step of her dream career – becoming a criminal profiler. Through GrantMe, Jillian won four entrance scholarships (Western, Laurier, UofOttawa, Carleton) with a total of $22,000 in scholarships! In the fall, Jillian is going to Carleton through her entrance scholarship, worth $13,500! To understand how Jillian achieved this, check out her video, in which she goes through her journey, and talks about tips, tricks, and her favourite GrantMe features!

Overcoming Struggle

Jillian’s biggest struggle when applying to scholarships was self-doubt.

“I had seen so many students through GrantMe and through my own school who had won big scholarships and had gotten into all the schools that they wanted to get into. It made me doubt myself a lot and I was really intimidated”.

To overcome this, Jillian attributes her success to organization, the support of her family and friends, and the GrantMe team. The GrantMe feature that she found most useful was the unlimited support. When she felt like she was struggling, she reached out to GrantMe, who immediately scheduled her with 1-on-1 check-ins about her scholarships and advice to effectively apply.

If you’d like personalized advice on how to build your future, including scholarships, landing a high paying job, and getting into your top-choice school, GrantMe can help. Take our free two-minute Scholarship Eligibility Quiz to find out how many scholarships you are eligible for!

GrantMe’s Role

To manage her time to apply to scholarships, Jillian recommends an agenda, a whiteboard, as well as the GrantMe calendar in which you can track the scholarships, and schools you’ve applied to!

GrantMe helps its students win by keeping in mind “The Scholarship System”. To learn more about this, check out our video on how you can win scholarships to get into your top-choice school, and graduate debt-free!

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