GrantMe Reviews: How Sydney won $19,000 in Scholarship Winnings

In this GrantMe review, Sydney discusses how she won a total of $19,000 in scholarship winnings. In the Fall, Sydney is heading to the University of Lethbridge for Political Science. She hopes to work for a non-profit focused on environmental justice, and run for public office! Check out the video below for Sydney’s full interview on the scholarship process, and how she stays motivated!

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Save Time Writing Scholarship Essays

Scholarship writing can take a lot of time. Especially when you’re a GrantMe student writing a minimum of 25 essays! With GrantMe’s Essay Wizard, Sydney learned that in order to save time on writing essays, she would need a template that works for every scholarship essay. Sydney did this with the help of her favourite GrantMe tool – the Essay Editing Service. GrantMe’s Essay Editing team has a turnover time of 24 hours and a 94% Customer Satisfaction Rating.

“They don’t just give it a second look over, they help you refine your experiences into well worded, presentable material that makes you feel good about the experiences you’ve been a part of”.

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Sydney’s Advice

Additional documents are sometimes required to apply to scholarships, such as reference letters. However, the time it takes to hear back from reference letter requests is often out of your control. To avoid anxiety around time management, Sydney suggests sending requests for reference letters before you even get started on your essay! This way, the referent will have lots of time to write an excellent letter for your recommendation. If you’d like more tips on writing reference letters, read our blog!

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