How Does UVIC Weigh Its Admissions Applications?

The University of Victoria (UVIC) is a public research university located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The University of Victoria, founded in 1963, is the oldest university in British Columbia and began as Victoria College, an affiliated college of the University of British Columbia. UVIC offers undergraduate and graduate programs in over 140 disciplines. UVIC’s primary campus is located west of downtown Victoria along the Gorge Waterway and UVIC has several satellite facilities including the UVIC-affiliated Vancouver Island Technology Park. As Canada’s Pacific Coast university, UVIC fosters international linkages that provide unique opportunities for research and teaching partnerships UVIC’s welcoming and supportive community embraces people from all over the world. UVIC admissions are based on academic achievement primarily using percentage grades earned in senior secondary courses and/or university transfer courses where applicable. Additional factors include evidence of exceptional achievement or ability, demographic considerations such as geography or first-generation status, special circumstances that may have impacted academic performance, and completion of a UVIC required subject. The University of Victoria has an excellent reputation for its academic programs, especially in environmental studies, sciences, engineering and business. Interdisciplinary programs are also strong at UVIC.

What Does the UVIC Application Consist of?

The UVIC Admissions application consists of the UVIC Common Application Form and the UVIC Supplemental Information Form. The Common Application Form is used by all applicants to UVIC, regardless of their program of choice. The Supplemental Information Form is specific to UVIC and must be completed by all applicants. It includes questions about your educational background, as well as your personal and professional goals. The UVIC Admissions team will use this information to assess your readiness for university study. In addition to the Application Forms, UVIC may require transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay depending on the program. For more information on the UVIC Admissions process, please visit their website.

How Does UVIC Admissions Weigh Its Applications

The University of Victoria Admissions Committee looks at a number of factors when making their decisions on which applicants to accept. One of the most important factors is academics. UVic requires all applicants to have completed a certain number of academic courses, and they will look at your grades in those courses when making their decision. Other factors that the Admissions Committee will consider include your extracurricular involvement, personal statement, and references. UVic also has a holistic admissions process, which means that they take into account your unique experiences and perspective when making their decision. Ultimately, UVic is looking for well-rounded applicants who will contribute to the UVic community.

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