How GrantMe Finds Scholarships

You might be wondering what sets GrantMe’s Scholarship Database apart from other scholarship search engines. This article explains exactly how GrantMe finds scholarships, maintains our database, and supports our students.

First off, we have a team of real humans doing this. While many scholarship search engines simply use bots to find scholarships without quality control, our team reviews every single scholarship.

It’s true that we search the internet for scholarships just like you do. The difference is that our team is doing it full-time. We have researched scholarships for thousands of hours. We’ve dug deep into every database, every Google search, and every school website.

Another unique aspect about how GrantMe finds scholarships is that our students also have the opportunity to upload their own scholarships to the app. From there, we verify their quality for other students—and then add them to the database for future students to match to!

Given that we have a team of scholarship experts maintaining the database, we also offer more support than others. 

For example, some scholarship applications are confusing to apply to. Our team will email that scholarship provider to clarify the steps to apply. We’ll then store that information in our Scholarship Database for future students. If anything is unclear, we work hard to make it easy for students.

What sets us apart in how GrantMe finds scholarships is that we take it a step further by prioritizing scholarship matches. We prioritize scholarships for students based on if a GrantMe student has won the award in the past, the legitimacy of the award (e.g do they highlight previous winners), and the uniqueness of the award. For example, while everyone should apply to the Loran and TD Community Leadership award (because they’re the largest dollar figure and you can then re-use their essays for future scholarship applications), the scholarships that are unique to you and your situation are your best chance of winning. These include scholarships exclusive to your school or community and scholarships available to you through your affiliation with certain groups or organizations. These scholarships have low competition and you are more likely to win based on how few applications these scholarships receive. 

Lastly, what makes how GrantMe finds scholarships unique is that we not only find them but we also work with organizations to create scholarships for students. The biggest challenge faced by scholarship providers is (funnily enough) finding enough scholarship applicants! That’s where we come in—we can help them create scholarships that reach students. We then add those scholarships to our database.

It’s true that a lot of what we do can be done by students themselves. The difference for students is time. It’s our full-time job to do this. We’ve amassed expertise in the area of scholarships. And so we’ve taken thousands of hours of research and compacted it into just a few minutes for students. When students spend all their time on writing and submitting applications instead of researching, guessing, worrying, and being confused about their scholarship research, they have a better chance of winning. Their time is spent on the highest value activity: Applying!

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