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As a first-generation Canada, Ishita knew that in order to set a good example for her younger brother, she had to get into the program of her dreams, and without student debt. Ishita is now in first year at the University of Saskatchewan en route to being a radiologist, in her father’s footsteps. To watch our Zoom interview with Ishita, check out this weeks GrantMe Reviews video!

Ishita’s GrantMe Tool

Ishita started using the Essay Wizard in her second year of university. She attributed her success of continuing to apply to scholarships throughout her first year to the user-friendly tool. With the overwhelming feeling of first year classes, and a new environment, student like Ishita often feel burdened with the task of finding scholarships in addition to engaging fully with university life. The Essay Wizard helped Ishita shed this worry with its in-line recommendations and over 80 essay templates.

In her GrantMe Reviews, Ishita says:

“Having this essay tool is really helpful because you can continue your education without leaving behind your income revenue, and produce the best application for your future.”

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Ishita’s Biggest Challenge

While Ishita applied to scholarships, she had a recurring thought:

“It was difficult for me to understand that I won’t win a certain scholarship. It was hard to get over that feeling at times.”

Feelings of self-doubt are often the biggest hurdles when applying to scholarships. When asked about how she overcame this struggle, Ishita attributed her resilience to the support from her family, who immigrated to Canada when she was 11. Their hard work inspired Ishita to bring a positive change in her life as she pursued the same occupation as her father’s, to be a radiologist.

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