GrantMe Reviews – How Kate won $16,500 in Scholarships

To achieve Kate’s dream of being a biomedical engineer, she knew she needed scholarships to get there. With GrantMe, she’s won over $16,500 in scholarship winnings. We asked Kate some questions about her GrantMe journey, tips, and where she finds motivation. Check out the video below for the full interview!

Kate’s Scholarship Journey

When applying to scholarships, Kate reminisces about her Christmas break, in which she spent all of writing, editing, and reviewing scholarship essays with the help of the GrantMe essay editing team.

However, It was no easy task.

“My biggest struggle was not knowing if all the work i was putting in was going to have the result I was looking for. You know, putting in all those hours and just feeling that there’s always going to be someone who’s more qualified.”

Kate’s hard work prevailed when she amassed a total of $16,500 of scholarship winnings, with the McMaster Dean Excellence Scholarship and Engineering Research Experience Award.

Kate’s Advice

To overcome self-doubt throughout the scholarship process and manage her time, Kate did two things:

  1. Used an Agenda – “I write down everything in my agenda. Whether that’s huge things, little tiny tasks I need to get done, I don’t let anything slip into the back of my head”.
  2. Allot your Time Wisely – “I try to get my scholarships done when my school work isn’t so intense and heavy. I basically wrote all my applications over Christmas break – I just took Christmas day off, and every single other day I was reviewing, writing, and editing”.

Most Helpful GrantMe Tool

When asked about GrantMe’s most helpful tool, Kate immediately mentioned the Essay Wizard.

“I used that to its upmost potential. If I could get it submitted once, twice or even three times before I submitted it before the deadline, I would. And getting many perspectives as I could on my grammar and writing and everything else makes a great scholarship application”.

To learn more about the Essay Wizard, check out our video for a walk-through!

In the future, Kate hopes to research innovative technologies that help people around the world with her biomedical engineering degree.

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