GrantMe Reviews: Meet our Schulich Leader Scholarship Winner

With GrantMe’s help, Mattie won entrance awards to Dalhousie University, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, and was a finalist for the Loran scholarship. Most notable of all, Mattie won the $80,000 Schulich Leader Scholarship!

In total, Mattie won a whopping $260,500. Watch our interview with Mattie to find out how she overcame challenges, her best tips for high achieving students, and how GrantMe helped her unlock her potential!

Choosing the Right Experience

Mattie’s main challenge when beginning her scholarship journey was choosing the right experience for her scholarship essays. Scholarship essays are not like written resumes. Rather, they require compelling writing that narrates the individual’s authentic story. Mattie had been involved in a lot of activities in high school, so she quickly realized that tailoring her scholarship essays to reflect her most relevant experiences was very beneficial to her writing process!

“When you’re starting the scholarship process, make sure you’re picking out activities that you’re actually passionate about and you actually enjoy doing. A lot of students pick out activities that they think scholarship committees wanted to hear about. Stick to what you value.”

– Mattie, Schulich Leader Scholarship Winner

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Mattie’s Winning GrantMe Tool

Scholarship writing can be tough. Mattie attributes her success to winning the Schulich Leader Scholarship to GrantMe’s Essay Editing Team and Essay Wizard. With in-line recommendation and over 80 templates to choose from, Mattie says that it really “transformed the whole writing scholarship process” for her!

Essay Wizard

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