How Much is UBC Tuition?

UBC offers a range of programs that prepare students for success after graduation, whether they plan to enter the workforce or pursue further education. UBC’s tuition rates are reviewed annually by the Board of Governors and may increase in line with inflation. UBC also offers a range of scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid options to help students meet the costs of their education.

UBC Domestic Student Tuition

UBC’s tuition for domestic students is among the lowest in Canada for comprehensive universities. UBC charges around $6000 per year in tuition for a full-time undergraduate student, depending on the program of study. UBC’s Board of Governors sets tuition rates each year, considering the cost of providing world-class education and the need to remain competitive with other leading research universities. UBC also offers a wide range of scholarships and financial assistance programs to help make post-secondary education more affordable. As a result, UBC is committed to providing an excellent education at a fair and reasonable price.

International Student Tuition

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a world-renowned institution known for its excellent academic programs and research opportunities. As such, it is no surprise that UBC attracts students from all over the world. International students make up nearly 20% of the student body. While UBC offers high-quality education, it comes at a price. Tuition for international students is significantly higher than for Canadian residents. For example, international students studying Arts pay almost $40,000 per year. This disparity is because international students are not eligible for government financial assistance. As a result, they must rely on private sources of funding, which can be difficult to obtain. Despite the challenges, many international students feel that the benefits of studying at UBC outweigh the cost. After all, a degree from UBC is an investment in one’s future.

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