How to Ace a Job Interview

Acing a job interview isn’t as straightforward as being qualified for the job. Details like how you present yourself and how you answer their questions play a part in landing the role. If you’re looking for a simple guide on how to ace a job interview, watch our video below!

Do your Research

The goal of doing your research before an interview is to show your interviewer your vested interest the company and job description. By doing your research in advance, your interest will make you seem prepared and ready take on the role.

To start your research, make sure you know the company values, mission, and vision. (A good tip is to search up the interviewer, head of hiring, or founder on LinkedIn!)

Next, make the connection. Think about how your values line up with the company’s, and what strikes you about their mission. Include your newly researched information in your interview in an organic way. For example, when answering a situational question, you can use one of the core principles that you researched on their website to outline your story in a way that demonstrates it as a strength.

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Look Sharp

Despite your qualifications and before you’ve even said a word in your interview, your hiring manager will make an instant judgement based on how you look. This is why it’s important to be dressed sharply, and appropriately. If you’re unsure about the dress code of a particular industry, a quick Google Search will answer your questions! You can also email your interviewer.

Despite the varying types of dress codes in any given industry, there are a few general rules to keep in mind.
1. No sneakers
2. No Jeans
3. Key pieces of clothing
– Dress shoes
– Dress pants
– Skirt
– Blazer

Before you can arrive dressed sharply to your interview, your resume must be updated, formatted, and worded effectively! Check out GrantMe’s Resume Builder for more information!

Arrive Early 

This detail is arguably the most important quality of how to ace a job interview, and it happens before you even start the interview. Make sure you arrive early to your interview by at least 15 minutes. By arriving early, you’ll be able to comfortably wait for your turn to be interviewed. Note that if you arrive on time, you still may be considered late by some company’s standards. Arriving early should be a standard practice when going to job interviews!

Give Specific Examples

When answering questions, make sure you do not generalize your answers. In other words, give specific examples. Use the STAR method when answering these questions.

For example – when asked “How were you a leader in your community?”
You can use STAR to answer the following:

I was a Community Manager at Sunset Community Center.

Task: I connected with neighbouring business to sponsor out Spring Fair.

Action: I used my communication and management skills to correspond with 5 neighbouring businesses a day by email, in-person meetings, and phone calls to persuade then to sponsor our event.

Result: We ended up with 5o sponsors in total, which funded our event and provided our patrons with many options for food, and activities.

For a guide on how to effectively use the STAR model for interviews, and university applications, check out our guide below!

Ask Questions

To fully know how to ace a job interview, you must end your interview with at least two questions. These should be about your role, the company, or their values.

One of our favourite ways to ask questions is by mentioning your past work experience and asking them how they see it fits into this new role.

For example, if you worked with data in your previous job, ask your interviewer how you can include that analytical skill for the position you’re interviewing for!

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