How to Apply to SFU | Ultimate University Guide

Before you think of applying to SFU, you first have to become familiar with their eligibility requirements. For that, you can check out the first part of the SFU Ultimate University Guide: “How to get into SFU“. However, if you are curious about the application process and want to apply to SFU, you’ve come to the right place! For a full video guide on how to apply to SFU, check out our latest youtube video linked below!

Two ways to apply to SFU

There are two ways to apply to SFU: the SFU Admissions page, and EducationPlannerBC. EducationPlannerBC is like BC’s OUAC. OUAC is Ontario’s university application portal. This means that if you create an account on EducationPlannerBC, you will be able to apply to a collection of BC schools rather than just one. It’s a much smoother process if you are mass applying!

The 6 Steps to Apply to SFU

SFU’s undergraduate application isn’t as rigorous as other BC universities, like UBC which requires a Personal Profile. In fact, there’s only a number of specific programs at SFU that require additional documentation other than the standard application portal.

These programs include:

  • Business
  • Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • Contemporary Arts
  • Comp Sci DDP

Aside from these programs, SFU’s standard application evaluates your admission mostly based on your grades as well as your completion of their English Language and Analytical Skills requirements.

However, before you apply to SFU, you must first create an EducationPlannerBC account. EducationPlannerBc will ask you to fill out the following:

Personal Information

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Primary Language
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Visa status

Contact Information

  • Primary mailing address
  • Primary telephone number
  • Emergency contact number

Academic History

  • Names of institutions (high school or university) most recently completed or aim to complete.

After you’ve completed these 3 sections, it’s time to select SFU, and apply!

Choose Your Program

Next, it’s time to choose your first and second choice program. Before you choose a program, you must first choose a faculty. After you’ve chosen your faculty and program, SFU will ask you to check off their English Language and Analytical skills requirement as completed.

For your second choice, make sure not to choose SFU’s Beedie program as this program only counts for a first choice. If you do choose this as your second choice, it will not count.

After you’ve submitted both your choice, you’re almost done!

Additional Information

The additional information section is optional, but it gives SFU a chance to know you past your grades. The additional information sections asks about aboriginal identity, gender, and if you’ve worked at or been a prior SFU student!

Finish off Your Application

After this, all you have to do is pay the application fee! SFU’s application fee to date is $78. But remember – application fees are adjusted every year so make sure you’e aware of the fee price changes!


For SFU students living in campus at SFU, SFU estimates a total of $20,155 – with tuition being $6,750.

However, to save on costs, you can opt out of certain fees like the UPass, buy secondhand textbooks, and live off campus!

How To Secure Your Future At SFU

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