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Written by Nicole Lorraine Prieto and Arry Pandher

Want to apply to the University of Calgary? We got you!


The University of Calgary has long been a leader in energy and engineering. It has been working on addressing Calgary’s wider needs, including economic diversification, environmental stewardship and creating healthy communities. The university has produced lead thinkers in mental health, public policy, applied sciences—even the study of outer space. No wonder you want to apply to the University of Calgary!

Before you can apply, you need to do a bit of preparation! Have you decided on the program you want to apply to? Have you gathered all the requirements for your application? If you haven’t, you can check out our How to Get into the University of Calgary to learn more about the preparations you need to complete!

Once you’ve completed your requirements, read on to see steps to apply to the University of Calgary!

As a side note, the application for the University of Calgary starts on October 1, so mark your calendars to complete your applications early!

1. Create an ApplyAlberta Account

This step is exclusively for Alberta high school students. So, if you are from outside the province, you can skip this step and start with step 2!

To start your application process, you first need to create a profile in the ApplyAlberta system with your personal information and academic history. This will make your application to post-secondary institutions in Alberta because the system will fill out this information automatically on your applications!

You will need the following requirements to create your account:

  • A MyAlberta Digital ID (a.k.a. a username for logging into your account)
  • Your Alberta Student Number (ASN). Since you’ve attended secondary school in Alberta, you already have an ASN. You can search for your ASN through the ASN Lookup service.
  • Names of all high schools you have attended or are currently attending
  • High school courses and marks (for currently enrolled Canadian students only)
  • A credit card or other method of payment to pay your application fees

2. Create Your eID

An eID is your electronic identity that will let you access the University of Calgary’s Admission Form. It functions similarly to a username. Through this account, you can provide the information and documents necessary to apply to your chosen program.

You can create your eID by completing the eID registration first! The university’s required user name consists of your first name and last name, formatted like: firstname.lastname. It is important that your username ends with a period then your last name (.lastname).

After creating your eID, you are now ready to create an application!

3. Create a New Application

Once you’ve signed in to your eID account, you can click on the Create a New Application to access the Admission Form. The Admission Form will be consists of the following sections:

  • Personal information
    • Enter your legal name as shown on your passport or identification card.
    • Alberta Student Number (ASN) is not required for high school students from outside Alberta, but is essential for high school students from Alberta.
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Citizenship
  • The academic term you want to enter
  • High school history
  • Highest level achieved in high school (completed or currently taking)
  • Program information
    • Your first program choice should be your most desired program.
    • Your second program choice should have a lower admission average than your first. If you receive an offer of admission to your second choice, you can still be considered for your first choice if there is still space available in the program.
  • Additional information
    • English language proficiency
    • Diverse qualification admission
      • For Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents who achieved excellence outside of academics or have overcome significant hardships.
      • You need to provide 2 references if you want to qualify for diverse qualifications.

4. Pay Your Application Fee to apply to the University of Calgary

After completing your application, do not forget to pay your application fee! Applications received without the fee will not be considered for admission. For all Canadian students, the application fee is $125.00. Make sure to pay immediately after sending your application. Students are encouraged to submit payments online, and for all payment options check out this page:

5. Submit Your Required Documents

Within one to two days of submitting your application for admission, you will receive a confirmation email with your University of Calgary UCID (University of Calgary Identification Number). This will give you access to the University of Calgary’s Student Centre where you can monitor your application status and the required documents you need to submit along with their due dates. It may take the university one to two days to notify you of the required documents.

You can review the Undergraduate Documents and Transcripts, so you can prepare and submit your required documents before their deadline.

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