How to apply to Western | Ultimate University Guide

Written by Stephanie Pugh

Western offers more than 400 different specializations, majors and minors at the undergraduate level. With such a wide range of combined and concurrent degrees to choose from, you’re probably eager to apply and get started!

Before applying to Western, you should become familiar with their general admission requirements. For that, feel free to check out the first part of the Western Ultimate University Guide: “How to get into Western“.

However, if you want to know more about Western’s application process, then stay tuned! For a full video guide on how to apply to Western, check out our latest youtube video below.

How to apply as a Full-Time Student:

To apply to Western, you will need to make an OUAC application.

If you are unsure which application form you should complete, please use the “Selecting an Application” tool available on the OUAC website!

NOTE: If you wish to study full-time in the fall, but would like to start part-time in the spring/summer, you should fill out the Full-time application and indicate “Summer” as your expected enrolment date!

You will automatically be considered for admission to the Fall/Winter session as well. The deadline to apply for spring/summer sessions beginning in May (intersession, summer evening/distance studies) is March 1, and the deadline for the Summer Day session beginning in July is May 1.

To be eligible to commence studies in the spring/summer, your final transcript(s) must be available and submitted to the Admissions Office prior to the start of the session to which you have been admitted at Western!

Full-Time Application Fees:

Here are the application fees that you need to pay with your application to Western. You will pay these fees through OUAC when you are completing your application:

  • Ontario secondary school students (101 form) $150.00 (CAD)
  • Other full-time undergraduate applicants (105 form) $156.00 (CAD)

Visit the OUAC website for further fee information!

Evaluation fee: Please note that a single non-refundable evaluation fee of $93.50 (CAD), payable to the OUAC, is required for applications submitted using the 105 form.

After your payment is processed and your application is approved, you will receive an email with your Western Student Number. With this number, you will be able to:

  • Get an Access Code to activate your Western Identity
  • Log in to Student Center
  • Log in to your Western Email


For Canadian Students, tuition at Western, on average, is $7,576 CAD. For international students, tuition costs around $24,851 CAD.

Now, you might be wondering; what can I do to help lower these costs?

Students can start applying for scholarships at Western once they receive their Student Number and get access to the Student Center! Through the Student Center, you can apply to first-year or entrance scholarships that are specific to Western or the program that you will be heading into.

There are also several entrance-based scholarships, based upon your admission average, that are automatically granted to students and require no additional applications! You can also explore external scholarships in your community to gain extra financial support, not attached to the university.

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