How to Choose a University

Growing up we see our older relatives and friends going to university. We dream about the day when it will be our turn, and this day comes so fast! The pressure is on you to plan your future education. This includes planning to get into a good university and getting an education to ensure success in your life.

A university education comes in handy in a lot of situations. So, it is essential for you to choose the right university for your future. Here’s a guide on how to choose a university that’s right for you.

How to Choose a University

Thinking of how to choose a university can be a very crucial process as it will decide how you complete the finishing touches of your education. The process of choosing a university can be challenging for you if you are struggling to find a starting point.  

To make the process of how to choose a university easier, we have come up with a few important factors, which will help you choose the perfect university for you with ease. The key factors that you should consider to make the process of how to choose a university much easier are outlined below.

Decide the Universities to Apply to

First things first, put some thought into deciding the universities that you are going to apply to.

You may take a few months to research and go for campus visits. Weigh the pros and cons of each university that you are considering applying to.

Your Subject of Study

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is the subject that you will be studying at the university. You need to be very decisive about the subject that you will be studying because it will take up most of your time while you are at university.

Not only will you be studying this subject at university, but you’ll also most likely work in the field later on, so find something you are passionate about that makes you feel fulfilled.

It is important for you not to have any confusion about whether you are choosing the right subject because you will be spending a big chunk of your life studying it.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do exactly, you can avoid making a costly and time-consuming mistake by studying a general field that you are interested in before finding your specific passion. For example, if you think right now you want to study computer science but after completing a couple of semesters you feel like you do not like computer science and want to study applied physics instead, a few semesters in general science and math studies will serve you well in both fields.

There’s no shame in switching up the subject for your major. The money you spend on a couple of semesters studying computer science won’t be in vain as math and science are transferable skills.

To make this process easier, write down a couple of fields you are passionate about and find out the subjects related to it. For example, if you want to become a computer engineer, you’ll will need to study computer science.

Weigh the job demand for each subject you are interested in and if your passion trumps financial incentives, then go with the subject you are passionate about.

Find out About the Rankings

University rankings can sometimes play a role when you get hired after your education. A big-name school looks great on a resume. It is important that you find out about the rankings of the university you are considering applying to as the rankings will give you an approximate idea about the culture and level of education for that particular university.

Distance from Home

For some students, the distance between their home and university plays a big factor in choosing the university they want to go to.

Some students want to stay in their hometowns with their parents. This is especially helpful if you consider the financial benefits of living with your parents when you are studying.

You will save money on rent, you won’t need to pay for food expenses, and it can also save your traveling cost during breaks as you will not need to come home for the holidays.

Consider these factors when deciding whether to choose a university close to your hometown or farther away.

Selecting Courses

Course content plays a big role in choosing the university you will be applying to. The courses for a specific subject have been designed so that the important parts of that subject are taught.

It is normal for course content to miss some areas of that subject as it is not possible to include all the information and teach it within a given time.

Check the course material for the subject you are hoping to study because you’ll want to know how the topics will be taught to you in that particular course.

To find the course content for a university go to their website and you will be able to navigate your way around the curriculum as the course content for the previous year should be available.

Check out the content for that course and see if there are specific topics the course is missing. This can play a big role in the process of choosing a university.

Check out Accommodation

This is important for students who will be moving out of their parents’ homes. Most students move out for the first time during university and because of that, it is important for you to check out the accommodation quality at the university.

Check out the quality of the dorm rooms and food options so that it is easier for you to adjust and adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.

Financial Aid Programs

If you are thinking about applying for financial aid to help you afford your education, then you should consider checking out the financial aid programs for the universities before you choose one.

There are various types of financial aid available such as scholarships, grants, bursaries and research positions. Each is dependent on eligibility requirements, so a little bit of research is required before applying.

If you have very good academic results, then you can try applying for a scholarship that is merit-based. Or if you need help paying for your education and your parents are not able to support you, then you can apply to need-based financial aid such as bursaries.

It is important for you to know if the university you are choosing offers financial aid programs and to make this process much easier, GrantMe is always here to help!

GrantMe enables you to find scholarships, grants or bursaries that match your profile. All you need to do is request a scholarship assessment and we will match you with thousands of scholarships based on your needs.

Hopefully all the above-mentioned factors will make the process of how to choose a university much easier for you!

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