How to get into Toronto Metropolitan University | Ultimate University Guide

Written by Nicole Lorraine Prieto and Arry Pandher

Toronto Metropolitan University is the most applied-to university in Ontario with over 45,000 students, 100+ undergraduate and graduate programs, and 133 partner universities in 37 countries. The university is dedicated to creating a culture of action with the belief that education and experience go hand-in-hand. Their classroom education is enhanced by real-world knowledge through internships and co-ops or amplified through zone learning, specialized minors and graduate programs.

Why Choose Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Toronto Metropolitan University MBA ranked among the top business programs in Canada based on value for money (Canadian Business, 2016)
  • 2nd on National Reputation Ranking by Maclean’s magazine (2015)
  • DMZ at Toronto Metropolitan University ranked one of the top university incubators in North America (UBI Global, 2015)
  • Known for their Media Production program and their creative, engineering, business, and nursing programs
  • 125+ research institutes and labs

Toronto Metropolitan University Program Admission Types

Now that you’re excited about Toronto Metropolitan University, you’ll need to know that the admission for specific Toronto Metropolitan University programs is divided into two categories: Grades Only and Grades Plus.

  • Grades Only programs select students based on academic achievement or grades only, and additional non-academic requirements are not required for admission consideration.
  • Grade Plus programs select students based on grades and non-academic requirements such as auditions, interviews, portfolios, essays, etc. If you cannot travel to Toronto Metropolitan University, selection methods may include telephone interviews, mail-in questionnaires and/or essays.

Toronto Metropolitan University receives applications that greatly exceed the number of spaces available in each program, so meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission! Unless noted in the program requirements, the complete academic record of all your secondary studies is considered as part of the competitive selection process. Their assessment will be based on:

  • Competitive grades in program-specific subject requirements
  • Competitive overall admission averages
  • Additional criteria for Grade Plus programs

To gain an advantage, the subject prerequisites, grades for specific programs and program-related activities should shape your academic background, especially in your last two years of high school, so make sure to study hard and maintain that high GPA!

General Requirements for Canadian Secondary School Students

The requirements for admission vary depending on your student type, but for this article, we’ll be focusing on Ontario secondary school students and Canadian secondary schools students from outside Ontario.

For Ontario Secondary School Students

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Grade 12 U English
  • Six Grade 12 U or M courses with a minimum overall average of 70%

Toronto Metropolitan University allows mixing of U, M, and OAC courses as applicable, but equivalent or comparable courses will not be double-counted. However, the “out of school” component of Grade 12 U or M co-op courses is not acceptable for consideration on admission or scholarship.

The minimum overall average is for admissions only. You may need a higher average depending on your chosen program and competition. Toronto Metropolitan University will calculate your overall average using your final marks in your best six Grade 12 U or M courses, which may include repeated or upgraded course marks.

For Canadian Secondary School Students Outside Ontario

  • Evidence of education equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Six Grade 12 U or M courses (Subject prerequisite grades required for admission are determined based on competition.)

Toronto Metropolitan University will make the final decision if your evidence of education is indeed equal to the OSSD.

They will consider all Grade 11 final marks and Grade 12 interim or final marks in the assessment as necessary. Conditional Offers of Admission can be granted based on competitive results in appropriate Grade 11 courses and enrolment in required Grade 12 courses.

Program Requirements

Each program in Toronto Metropolitan University maintains specific requirements for entry. The individual program webpages cover the specific academic requirements for your program, which include the minimum grade range and required prerequisite courses. Their pages include course titles and numbers in Ontario, so if you are from outside the province, you should check the equivalent course title, numbers, credits and levels in your province.

For example, the Biology (BSc (Hons)) has the following program requirements for admission:

  • Minimum overall grade range: 76% to 85%
  • Prerequisite subjects with the minimum grade of 65% to 70%
    • English/Anglais (ENG4U/EAE4U preferred)
    • Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
    • Two of Physics (SPH4U), Chemistry (SCH4U) or Biology (SBI4U)

For Grade Plus programs, you can find the additional requirements, aside from the academic requirements, under the Non-Academic Requirements section.

Let’s take Interior Design (BID) admission requirement as an example for the Grade Plus programs:

  • Minimum overall grade: 75%
  • Prerequisite subjects with the minimum grade of 65 to 70%:
    • English/Anglais (ENG4U/EAE4U preferred)
    • Grade 11 U or M or Grade 12 U mathematics (one of MCF3M, MCR3U, MHF4U, MCV4U, MDM4U)
    • One additional Grade 12 U or M course from visual arts (AVI4M, AWA4M, AWB4M, AWC4M, AWD4M, AWE4M, AWF4U, AWG4U, AWH4M, AWI4M, AWJ4M, AWK4M, AWL4M, AWM4M, AWN4U, AWO4M, AWP4M, AWQ4M, AWR4M, AWS4M, AWT4M, AWU4M), Canadian and world studies (CGU4M/CGU4U, CGW4U, CHI4U, CHY4U, CIA4U, CPW4U), social science and humanities (HHS4U/HHS4M), science (SPH4U) or technological design (TDJ4M, TGJ4M)
    • If available, Physics (Grade 11 or higher) and art option in Grades 11 or 12 (Preference may be given to applicants with Grade 12 U courses in history or visual arts/art history.
  • Portfolio of eight to ten examples of your drawings
  • Two essays
  • Assessment fee

The program pages are also full of information that could help you assess if the program fits your interest, passion and future goals. You will also have the chance to learn more about Toronto Metropolitan University and specific details about your chosen program.

Once you’ve completed all these requirements, you are now ready to apply for Toronto Metropolitan University. Watch out for part 2 of the Ultimate Toronto Metropolitan University Guide to learn about the application process!

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