How to Graduate University with Zero Debt

To graduate with zero debt, and no student loans, it is a good idea to invest in scholarships. To find out more about investing in scholarships, and the four pillars of a scholarship system, watch our video!

Investing in Scholarships

Scholarships are a great investment because they are cumulative! This means that the more work you put in, the higher chances you have of winning scholarships. The more scholarships you win, the more money you are able to make to graduate with zero debt.

Say, you work a $20/hr part-time job. If you worked 15 hours a week, you’d only make about $14,000 a year. And ofcourse, your pay is not going to change based on how hard you work. You’re going to make the same amount of money.

However, if you commit that same amount of time to applying to scholarships, you are able to make much more money – about $120,000! Not only that, but the more amount of time you commit to finding scholarships, your chances of winning increase dramatically. And so, every single time you apply to a scholarship, it is 10x more likely that the next application that you put in is going to succeed, because the more applications that you apply to, the more you will improve.

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The Four Pillars of the Scholarship System

There are four pillars to the scholarship system:

  •  Financial planning
  • Research
  • Winning Essay Template
  • Apply to win

If you master these four pillars, you can save yourself time and thousands of dollars to graduate with zero debt. By building a system around scholarships, you can make money applying to scholarships and will not have to work a non-cumulative part-time job to pay for school – which a lot of our students successfully achieve!

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