How your child can maximize their chance of securing a spot at a top university & winning scholarships

You have probably heard that there are scholarships out there. But can your child even win?

Many people think a scholarship winner needs to be a child prodigy with a 99% average or a star athlete. But that isn’t true.

There are scholarships for every kind of student.

Scholarships are awarded for lots of reasons. Like below:

  1. Your child’s volunteer involvements
  2. Your child’s hobbies – including sports, arts and other extracurriculars
  3. Adversity they’ve overcome

Now, this is the secret to winning. Combine these together to create an initiator role. This is an idea that your child creates themselves (or with their friends) and puts into action. An example of this would be creating a club at their school or creating a volunteer activity in the community. Pick their hobbies and build their initiative around that, and the adversity they face building that up will secure their place as a top scholarship winner.

Useful, isn’t it? Anyway, popping it top of mind that you have 1 more day of high-priority booking left if you haven’t already booked.

On the call, we will interview your child to determine:

  • Their eligibility as a scholarship candidate.
  • Their goals with their post-secondary education.
  • How much work it will take to reach their goals & get into their top schools.
  • If they are a good fit for the Academy, our program for high potential students.

Hope you have a great rest of our day!