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Exclusively for international students looking to study at a Canadian university. Learn how to be a competitive scholarship candidate, get into university and maximize the funding you receive.

Last year, GrantMe conducted over 7,000 free consultations for students across Canada & helped them win over $4,000,000 & get into their top university with a 70% acceptance rate.

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Increase Your Odds of Acceptance

Know what university is right for you and learn the strategies to increase your odds of getting in as an international student. On the call we will assess your profile & personal goals to see what school is best for you and how you can leverage your experience to get in.

Find Your Competive Edge

Getting into university is harder than ever with thousands of applicants each year, and only 40% of students being accepted. Most applicants have similar experience: exceptional athletes, class presidents, club founders, and camp directors. On the call we will discuss your profile & how you can stand out. If you need more experience, we will also create a plan to help you build up your experience.

Cut Your Application Time In Half

Top-performing students like you have busy schedules, and it can be stressful trying to balance extracurricular activities, sports, university preparation, and your academics. On the call, we will help you build a plan to reduce your university application time in half.

What You Get On The Consultation

Learn what university is the right fit for you & how to get in
Learn how you can leverage your experience to double your odds of acceptance into your top school
Create a university admission plan before you enter your senior year

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Frequently Asked Questions

International students who are in Canada and graduating from high school are eligible for a free consultation. All students that are studying in Canada, including permanent residents, are eligible.

The consultation will give you an idea of where you can get admitted based on your resume, academics, and experience.

We will review your experience and goals and create an action-based plan for you to use to succeed as you enter your senior years.

If you are a good fit for GrantMe, and you’re the type of student who we can get great results with, then we will also share what GrantMe’s program looks like.

The call is free and it is designed to give you a clear plan and an idea of the opportunities available to you. If you are a fit for our platform and we think that we can help you achieve results, then we will let you know. If that’s the case, we will go over the tuition to get started. If we’re not a fit for you, we’ll be up front about that and let you know.

Because we can and we will. 😎

But on a serious note, after working with thousands of students we understand how important it is to start preparing for university early to ensure higher chance of university acceptance and a stress free Grade 12 year. We have a commitment to ensuring students have a future full of options and want to enable international students to begin their university preparation journey earlier as that is the best time to start.

We also think it’s ridiculous that the average consultant charges $150-200/hr for these sessions and want to make this support accessible to hard working students across Canada.

So, basically, because we can and we will. 😎

No. GrantMe is not a scholarship. We are a platform that supports international students in maximizing how many scholarships they can win, and we provide tailored scholarship matches for you to apply for. We also provide support for university admissions by providing the tools and resources students need to get into their top choice schools. 

Make sure that you have downloaded Zoom for your consultation and you are ready to go! When the time comes, ensure that you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) are available, present, and waiting. Be prepared to go over some of your accomplishments and activities. Your educator will wait for you on Zoom on the minute. Chat soon!

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Now is the best time to start preparing for university as an international student. Learn which university is right for you, how to get in, how to maximize on your current experiences, and create a success plan for getting in to university.

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