Introducing the Essay Wizard

Not exactly sure where to start with your essay? I have a solution for you!

Some call it the best tool for writer’s block since the mind map (not my words).

Introducing the Essay Wizard!

We received lots of feedback from our students about what was formerly the “Template Builder.” We took that feedback, both positive and negative, and iterated to bring the Essay Wizard into the world.

About 10x more approachable and intuitive than its predecessor, the Essay Wizard allows you to seamlessly build the beginnings of your essays in a matter of minutes.

Inline text fill-in-the-blanks brings more focus and ease to using the wizard!

With entry-line specific recommendations, you’ll be able to focus on each section of your essay paragraph, one at a time.

And you can now copy the text of your completed essay in one click!

We’ve also improved how you access the selection of over 80 templates that we offer with new iconography and options to filter to make your search for the right template quicker and easier. We synthesize content for our Essay Wizard based on the sentence structure and writing styles of winning essays!

How to Use GrantMe’s Essay Wizard

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