Laval University Quantitative Finance: Overview

Written by Shem Semblante and Matthew Tran

Various factors play a major roles in the development of Québec, one of which is Laval University’s Quantitative Finance program. In this program, you will acquire in-depth knowledge and develop a variety of skills in fields related to quantitative finance. Multidisciplinary, this baccalaureate aims to train future quantitative specialists around four main axes:

  • finance and quantitative finance
  • mathematics and statistics
  • programming and financial modeling
  • quantitative risk management.

If analyzing numbers and figures are your main thing, then you won’t be disappointed with Laval University’s Quantitative Finance Program.

At the end of his program, the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate a good understanding of the foundations of finance, financial markets and financial institutions in the current context;
  • master stochastic calculus, numerical methods and the main simulation techniques, programming and data analysis, with a view to their application in the financial field;
  • use the main models of forecasting, analysis, risk coverage and valuation of contingent securities;
  • design and manage innovative financial products and solve various types of design problems;
  • master financial econometrics;
  • master and apply business risk management;
  • use risk management models to solve various types of business risk measurement, management and control problems

Interested in how that will look like? Check the suggested path here and the program structure here!

Why Choose Laval University’s Quantitative Finance Program?

You can take this full-time or part-time and receive the following benefits:

  • Some distance learning courses
    • Enjoy more flexibility with the distance learning courses offered in this program, a great way to balance studies with other areas of your life.
    • Visit the distance learning site and learn more about this method of teaching.
  • Some courses in English
  • Internships
  • Forefront of research

Career Opportunities

Graduates specializing in quantitative finance have excellent employment prospects and may consider careers with large employers that include banks, insurance companies, and various private or public companies, firms, and agencies.

Here are some examples of professions accessible to graduates of this program:

  • Quantitative analyst
  • Portfolio or risk manager
  • Financial modeling expert

The program provides access to professional titles

How to Apply to Laval University Quantitative Finance

Eligibility criteria will depend on your situation, like where you study, and French literacy, etc. In this example, let’s see what a student studying outside Québec will have to submit to be admitted to Laval University’s Quantitative Finance Program:

  1. High school diploma AND one year of university studies
  2. Training deemed satisfactory in mathematics.
    • Following the analysis of the file, prerequisite courses may be required.
  3. Academic record
    • The application is analyzed on the basis of the quality of your academic record.
  4. Laptop
    • In order to get the most out of this environment, the possession of a laptop computer is mandatory for all students admitted to this program. For more information, see the details of the technological services offered by the Faculty.
  5. Knowledge of French
    • Students admitted to this baccalaureate must comply with the Provisions relating to the application of the Policy on the use of French at Laval University .
      • Non-French speaking candidate
        • The candidate whose language of instruction for primary and secondary studies is not French must, in order to be admissible, prove, when submitting the application for admission, a minimum level of knowledge of the French language by the success of the  Test of knowledge of French for all audiences with:
          • a result equal to or greater than 600/699 in the compulsory tests (TCF-TP)
          • AND a result equal to or greater than 14/20 on the written expression test (TCF-TP / EÉ).
          Depending on the result, the candidate may have to take one or more French courses in preparatory schooling. For more information, see French immersion schooling

📈 The deadline for submitting an admission application varies according to the candidate’s profile. Complete information can be found on the Submission deadlines page.

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Laval University Quantitative Finance Tuition and Fees

Your fees will depend on your profile and the number of credits you enrolled in. Check out the fees on this page!

Laval University Quantitative Finance Funding Opportunities

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