Maryam’s Story

Meet Maryam, a Grade 12 student from Tamanawis Secondary School located in Surrey, British Columbia. With GrantMe’s support, she won over $88,500 in scholarships, including the prestigious UBC Centennial Award worth $80,000. With GrantMe’s and UBC Scholarship’s support, she will be attending the University of British Columbia next year and majoring in social sciences.

Maryam’s Plan of Action

Prior to GrantMe and her scholarship journey, Maryam dealt with procrastination. Whether it was school, balancing her multiple extracurriculars or scholarship applications, it was challenging at times for her not to feel overwhelmed or stressed. 

However, with the support from GrantMe and her family, Maryam was able to create an effective routine that allowed her to have an equal amount of rest, school, hobbies and scholarship writing every day. She used our toolkits that provide actionable knowledge and skills across multiple topics, to help her balance her commitments.

Maryam was able to apply all of the resources GrantMe provides to support her funding her education at the University of British Columbia. She used our essay-winning repository to enable her best scholarship writing. 

Maryam’s Future Goals

After her social sciences degree at the University of British Columbia, Maryam aspires to pursue a law career and something to do with human rights. However, her end goal is to help people simply, and she is open to various sectors and jobs. 

Maryam’s Accomplishments

Maryam not only won the prestigious UBC Centennial Award worth $80,000  but also won the  University of Toronto Academic Excellence Award worth $7500. She was also awarded the SASSY Award, recognizing her commitment to supporting her community. As one of the ten UBC Centennial scholars, considerable weight has been taken off her shoulders, allowing her to focus on studies and hobbies instead of working a good amount of hours during school. All of her scholarship winnings totalled more than $88,500!

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