Mattie’s Story

Meet Mattie

Meet Mattie, a Grade 12 student from Nelson McIntyre Collegiate located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Using GrantMe, she learned how to write powerful scholarship essays and ace interviews. Her work with GrantMe allowed her to win over $80,000 in scholarships, including the prestigious Schulich Leaders Scholarship worth $80,000. With GrantMe’s and the Schulich Leader Scholarship’s support, she will be attending Dalhousie University next year and majoring in sciences.

Mattie’s Strategy

Prior to GrantMe, one of the biggest things she struggled with was getting started with the whole writing process, as it’s different than academic writing. It was difficult for her to complete her applications initially, whether it was not knowing what to write about or which activity to focus on. 

However, with GrantMe, Mattie learned the importance of authenticity in her writing and how she should talk about initiatives she was genuinely passionate about. It increased her efficiency and came off in her writing, which scholarship committees appreciate more. She made sure to take advantage of GrantMe’s essay editing as it transformed her scholarship writing. Mattie used our essay editing service to enable her best writing. Our editors focus on grammar and support expanding ideas and suggesting topics for specific applications and more! 

She also ensured to stay on task and complete her scholarship applications; she would schedule time in her calendar monthly, weekly, and daily, including her scholarship goals, to focus on and complete her essays and applications. She learned the importance of time blocking in her calendar and time management in general, which allowed her to focus on scholarship writing and her various extracurricular and leadership commitments. 

Mattie’s Goals

Mattie aspires to pursue a science career; however, that is not clear yet. After her undergraduate studies, she wants to pursue a graduate degree, whether in medical research, applied scientific research, or medical school. 

Mattie’s Success

She won entrance awards at the University of Victoria, Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto. She efficiently tracked the various entrance awards she later won using our school’s feature. She was also a Loran Scholar Finalist, one of only 90 across Canada, which came from a pool of over 5000 Canadian students. She ultimately won the $80,000 Schulich Leaders Scholarship and became one of the only 100 scholars from the 1500 nominee pool. Totalling her scholarship winnings to more than $260,500!

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