McGill Health Sciences: Overview

Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

You can join a unique and varied community of health professionals, scientists, students, and employees at McGill Health Sciences who are dedicated to compassionate, evidence-based treatment.

Do you want to be on the cutting edge of global health improvement? Interested in learning more about McGill Health Sciences? Continue reading to learn more about Health Sciences at McGill!

Health Sciences programs & courses for 2017-18 | Enrolment Services - McGill  University

Why Choose This Program?

McGill is one of the top medical schools in North America and enjoys an international reputation for excellence in teaching, clinical training and research.

There are 6 schools to choose from:

School of Medicine

Ingram School of Nursing

School of Physical & Occupational Therapy

School of Communication Sciences & Disorders

School of Population & Global Health

School of Biomedical Sciences

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for each department and degree will vary depending on the program you choose!

Admissions can be confusing when starting your undergraduate journey. Need help learning more about McGill and the application process? Check out our other blogs to learn more about How to get Accepted to McGill and How to Apply to McGill!

Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition at McGill for four years of a Health Sciences program is estimated at about $20,000 for Domestic students. This is a big investment, but don’t worry, McGill has lots scholarships and bursaries that can help you to manage tuition costs!

McGill offers a merit-based Entrance Scholarship Program and a needs-based Entrance Bursary Program to first-time university students entering a full-time undergraduate degree program.

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