McGill Physics: Overview

Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

How do you go about discovering new phenomena? What are you supposed to make of modern phenomena? How do you enhance present ideas and techniques? What’s the connection between them all? Professors and graduate students at McGill take on these complex problems every day with passion! They keep pushing the boundaries of what materials can achieve in physics.

Are you wanting to know more about the McGill Physics program? Continue reading and we’ll tell you everything that makes up this amazing program.

Why choose McGill Physics?

McGill Physics programmes will prepare you for any future you want in a Physics career stream!

The Honours and Major programmes are McGill’s two primary undergraduate physics programmes. The Honours programme is extremely specialized, and the courses are challenging and academically attuned. This course is designed for those who want to study physics principles in depth, in preparation for grad school and a career in physics as an academic or professional.

  • The two dual honours programmes, one in Mathematics and Physics and the other in Physics and Chemistry, are even more specialized and intricately demanding. They are designed to give students a solid foundation in both physics and their chosen field, as well as prepare them for grad school and their career.

Despite the fact that these two programmes favour theoretical work, they are comprehensive and powerful enough to equip students for future study in experimental physics, mathematics, or chemistry.

  • Admission to these Honours programmes requires a strong performance in CEGEP or freshman-year mathematics and physics!

The Major program, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive foundation in both classical and current physics while also allowing students to pursue a significant sequence of courses in other fields. It is particularly aimed at students who want to pursue employment in sectors where physics is a prerequisite. This degree also serves as a foundation for graduate study!

What Major Programs Can you take?

There are a number of Major programs you can take at McGill Physics:

In addition, there is a Minor in Physics and a core Physics component of the Liberal Science Program, for students less interested in specialized education!

Physics Pre-Program Requirements

Students entering Physics programs from the Freshman Program should check the Physics specific requirements. Quebec students must have completed the DEC with appropriate science and mathematics courses.

Career Options in Physics

Physics is a great degree to get if you want to learn how to solve problems based on your curiosity. Many businesses respect this type of education and the unique insight McGill Physics graduates offer to other professions!

Physicists can work in a variety of sectors in academia, government, and the business sector. Here are a few examples:

  • software engineering and development;
  • law;
  • data science;
  • astronomy and cosmology;
  • finance;
  • geophysics and geology
  • medicine and medical/health research;
  • education and science communication;
  • robotics;
  • satellite and radar technology;

The websites for the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) and the American Physical Society (APS) have more information about physics careers. Additional information about career pathways in physics (APS) and the Careers Toolbox from the Society of Physics Students (US-based) may be helpful as well!

Program Requirements

Below is a chart with the admission requirements for the McGill Science Faculty! You must fulfill these criteria before you apply!

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How Do you Get into McGill Physics?

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