McGill SSMU: Overview

Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) is the students’ society representing undergraduates at the university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. McGill SSMU is responsible for providing a variety of services to McGill students, including but not limited to the operation of McGill’s campus radio station, The McGill Daily newspaper, and the campus food. In addition to these services, McGill SSMU also advocates on behalf of students on various issues, including but not limited to tuition fees, accessibility, and mental health.

McGill SSMU Benefits?

The Students’ Society of McGill University is a non-profit representing undergraduate students at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The society provides several services and benefits to students, including health and dental insurance, legal assistance, and academic support. In addition, the SSMU operates a number of businesses on campus, including a pub, nightclub, and café. The profits from these businesses are used to fund student activities and initiatives. The SSMU is also responsible for organizing campus events, such as concerts, lectures, and workshops. By providing these services and benefits, the SSMU strives to improve the quality of student life at the University.

How to Be Apart of McGill SSMU?

As a general rule, any student enrolled in at least one course at McGill is automatically a member of the student society and thus entitled to all the benefits and services that the Student Society has to offer. In addition, McGill SSMU also acts as a liaison between students and the administration on matters that affect undergraduate life on campus. As such, being a part of McGill SSMU allows students to have a direct say in the decisions that shape their university experience.

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