Noordeep’s Story

Meet Noordeep, a Grade 12 GrantMe student who won the GrantMe Dreams Careers Scholarship worth $250 that she will be able to put towards textbooks in university. She’ll be attending Toronto Metropolitan’s Aerospace Engineering program next year. 

Noordeep’s Strategy

Her biggest struggle with her scholarship journey is figuring out the diction to apply. She questioned how she wanted to frame sentences; however, GrantMe was able to support her in solving that problem with our personalized essay editing that allowed her to see areas to improve her authenticity and diction in her essays. She also learned from our time management curriculum workshops to gain actionably knowledgable, including how to apply the Pomodoro technique to her working time. 

Noordeep’s Future Goals

Noordeep was inspired by female Indian astronaut Kalpana Chawla to pursue STEM, and in particular, aerospace engineering. She would like to work with the Canadian Space Agency, NASA or SpaceX in the future. 

Noordeep’s Success

With GrantMe, Noordeep has a future full of options by winning the GrantMe Dreams Careers Scholarship; she has several great essay templates to use for other scholarships and is excited to head to Toronto Metropolitan next year to study aerospace engineering

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