Queens Arts and Science: Overview

Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

Arts and Science at Queen’s is a unified and integrated Faculty with a strong feeling of shared purpose and community!

Queen’s is dedicated to disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching, as well as fostering curiosity and jointly interacting with diverse kinds of knowledge from local to global contexts!

You’re sure to find an area of study that you’ll love in Queen’s Arts and Science! Want to know more about the Faculty? Continue reading and we’ll give you the run-down!

Why Choose Queens Arts and Science?

1. There is a range of disciplines to choose from!

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers an amazing range of educational opportunities in the creative arts, languages, humanities, social sciences, and physical and scientific sciences through its 32 departments and schools.

2. It’s a large and well-known faculty in Canada!

Arts and Science is Queen’s University’s largest faculty, accounting for more than 60% of the university’s total enrollment, and one of just a dozen Arts and Science faculties in Canada.

3. More opportunities for higher education pathways!

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers a variety of options for reaching your desired higher education experience. They have the curriculum you’re looking for and a community like no other, with everything from on-campus Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s Honours undergraduate programmes to completely online Bachelor’s programmes, certifications, and graduate degrees.

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Departments Offered:

Below is a table of all the different departments offered at Queen’s Arts and Science Faculty!

Queens Arts Admission Requirements

Excited about Queen Arts? Below are the requirements you must meet in high school before you apply:

Ontario Secondary School Requirements:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • A minimum of six Grade 12 4U or 4M courses, including program-specific prerequisites
  • High school pre-requisites for the program to which you are applying. Note that these pre-requisites will vary from program to program; check out which pre-requisites you will need here!

Queens Arts and Science Program Requirements:

If you follow this link, you can find the degree-specific admission requirements for the program you are most interested in!

Queens Arts and Science Admission Average:

The overall minimum admission average for all direct-entry undergraduate applicants to Queen’s University is 80%. However, we highly recommend aiming for a 90% average for your admission; this is because this average is more competitive and will help you secure your spot at Queen’s above other applicants!

The admission process can be confusing for entering students! Want to know How to Apply to Queens? Check out our blog here!

How Much Will Queens Arts and Science Cost?

For Canadian Students, tuition at Queen’s, on average, is $6,153 CAD. For international students, tuition costs around $27,513 CAD.

Don’t let this cost worry you! There are plenty of options to help make your education more affordable.

  • Students can start applying for scholarships at Queen’s once they receive their Student Numbers and get access to the Student Center.

Make sure to check out these scholarships, awards, and bursaries!

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