Queen’s Entrance Awards: Overview

Queen’s Entrance Awards are open to any student who will be entering Queen’s University in the fall. The awards are based on academic achievement and personal character. To be considered for an award, some are automatic, and others require an additional application. If you are interested in exploring financial aid, and the entrance award options at Queen’s, keep on reading!

Queen’s Entrance Awards

Students who apply to Queen’s University will be automatically considered for bursaries and several entrance awards. Most of these awards are based on academic achievement, shown through your graduating high school transcripts when you apply for admission to Queen’s, so you do not have to apply for these entrance awards!

Automatic Admission Scholarships include:

  • Principal’s Scholarship (95%+ Average)
  • Excellence Scholarship (90%-94.9% Average)
  • Senator Frank Carrel Merit Scholarship (94%+ Average)

How do you know you qualify for an entrance award?

  • When you receive your offer of admission, you will be notified by the University if you are selected to receive an automatic admission award or scholarship.
  • Some automatic admission scholarships are renewable and have specific conditions you must meet in order to renew, so make sure to read the requirements over.

Queen’s offers additional automatic admission awards to international students. Queen’s also offers automatic admission awards to specific students, such as part-time students, consecutive education students, student-athletes, Queen’s alumnae, mature women students, Indigenous students, Black and racialized students, and students with disabilities.

Eligible future students are also considered for automatic regional and high school-specific awards and faculty-specific awards.

Queen’s Major Entrance Awards

As a future Queen’s student, you have lots of options for financial aid, including options that require an application! Students who demonstrate superior academic ability, creative and original thinking, involvement in school or community activities, and proven leadership can apply for a Queen’s major admission award. Financial need is also a consideration for some of the major admission awards.

Eligibility includes:

  • Available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada
  • You may attend high school in Canada or internationally
  • Students taking a gap year can still apply for the major admission awards
  • Recipients will not be eligible for other merit-based scholarships

Please review the Eligibility section for additional requirements.

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