Queen’s Student Population: Overview

Queen’s University is one of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities, with a student population of around 26,000. Queen’s students come from around the world, with over 140 countries represented in the Queen’s community. Queen’s is also one of Canada’s most diverse universities, with a strong commitment to equity and inclusion. Queen’s offers a wide range of academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels and is home to world-renowned faculty and researchers. Queen’s graduates are highly sought after by employers, and the university has a long history of producing leaders in all fields. Queen’s is truly a world-class university, and its students reflect that in their diversity, academic excellence, and commitment to making a difference in the world.

Undergraduate Student Population at Queen’s

Queen’s University is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and is one of the oldest public universities in the country. Queen’s has an undergraduate student population of around 19,000 students from across Canada and 140 different countries. Only 5% of Queen’s students are from Kingston itself. Queen’s offers a wide range of programs at the undergraduate level, including Arts & Science, Business, Engineering & Applied Science, Education, Health Sciences, and Law. The university also has a well-regarded reputation for research, with Queen’s faculty and staff conducting cutting-edge research in various fields. Queen’s also offers several unique opportunities for students to get involved on campuses, such as through clubs and organizations, student government, and varsity athletics. As a result, Queen’s provide students with an exceptional educational experience that is both academically rigorous and personally enriching.

Where Do Queen’s Students Come From?

Queen’s University is one of the more internationally diverse schools in Canada. Queen’s students come from all parts of the world, with the majority coming from Canada, the United States, and Europe. Queen’s has several thousand international students enrolled each year, coming from over 100 countries. Queen’s also welcomes many exchange students each year. The school has exchange agreements with about 220 universities in 55 countries worldwide, including institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe. As a result of this diversity, Queen’s students have the opportunity to learn about and experience different cultures firsthand. This enriches all students’ educational experience and helps prepare Queen’s graduates for an increasingly globalized world.

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