Finding My Way Through the College Admissions & Scholarship Process: Ripdaman’s Success Story

Ripdaman had everything he needed to succeed in the college admission and scholarship process on his own. The grades, the extracurriculars, and the confidence were all there. However, procrastination and a busy schedule threatened to hinder his success. Here’s how he took a chance in the admissions process and earned a spot in his dream college and won $75,000 in scholarships and awards.

Written by Ripdaman Malhans and edited by Fernanda Munoz

There are certain moments in life that make you feel proud and amazed at what you did when you can’t help but think Wow… I really did that”.  These moments, whether marked by triumph or trials, form the tapestry of our experiences. I’ve had several such instances throughout my high school life.

One of them was joining GrantMe. 

I never really had major aspirations for elite college admissions. I knew that I was capable, but like many others, I had procrastinated a bit too hard for far too long. Being an IB student, this was far from ideal, but I still fell right into the trap.

I was around a month into 12th Grade and I was unsure about my college applications.

Then, in September 2019, my dad introduced me to something called GrantMe. At first, I ignored it, thinking it would be helpful. I felt that asking for help would make my application inauthentic. 

I felt that asking for help would make my applications inauthentic. 

Looking back, that was a massive misjudgement. I was unaware of the amazing opportunity I had stumbled upon.

Procrastination kept finding its way into my life. Then, in November, I received an email saying I was eligible for an interview for the GrantMe program. I was thrilled.

Things started falling into place. My dad shared a piece of wisdom that I will carry with me always:

Success comes to those who dare to try. The more chances you take, the more successful you become. 

He encouraged me to apply to as many colleges and scholarships as I could while balancing my IB coursework, international-level robotics, and multiple club memberships.

Having GrantMe present as a support system really made my job a lot easier. 

I learned how to write compelling college application and scholarship essays and received professional feedback that guided me in understanding and avoiding past mistakes. I also had a support system that kept me on track and reached out when I was falling behind. 

To be honest, the first time I submitted an essay for editing, I thought I would only get compliments. I was wrong. Let’s just say I had never seen that many comments on a Google Doc in my life. The whole essay was essentially one continuous highlight. In a sense, this humbled me and I slowly began to realize that I made the right choice sticking with GrantMe. I really appreciated the feedback.

GrantMe’s feedback highlighted my weaknesses but also ensured that I wouldn’t repeat them.

The monthly webinars, mentorship calls, and 1-1 consultation sessions offered by GrantMe allowed me to refine my academic and social skills.

I had the chance to learn from some of the most talented, friendly and intelligent individuals across the country.

Gaining countless tips on how to combat procrastination and stay motivated helped me evolve into a better version of myself.

The knowledge and experience I gained while navigating the admission process were invaluable and unexpected. I gained more confidence, better habits, and new perspectives that will support me in my studies. 

I can follow my passion for Computer Engineering with $75,000 in funding thanks to the choices I made and the opportunity I seized. The important thing is to be content with your decisions and strive to improve continually. “Your success is in your happiness.” 

My future could have been completely different had I refused my dad’s request to look into GrantMe in September of 2019. 

From this journey, the one piece of advice I have is to take every chance you get. That’s when you make your own luck.

Ripdaman Malhans is a 2020 GrantMe Academy program alumnus and a former GrantMe Mentor.

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